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Published: 12 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

About 3 years ago I went everywhere to buy a car, but every single place turned me down because of bad credit. I finally decided to go to JD because my coworker recommended them. I have to say, they were very easy to work with, as far as downpayment went. I picked out a car i liked and signed the heap of paperwork they rushed me through. I think the same week, or maybe the following, the car ended up in the shop for minor fix-ups. It really wasnt that big of a deal, I was just happy to have a vehicle to get me to and from work. In the following 6 months, the car was in and out of the shop for different things, which at this point was annoying. Unlike other reviews I’ve read, I didnt get a loaner. I paid a ton of money for rentals, while still paying for a car that was in the shop, and maintaining full coverage insurance. After I’ve had the car for 2 years, one day during a bad snow storm, the engine blew. I had it towed into JD, and they told me it was still under warranty, so they’ll fix it for free. Good. What they didnt tell me, is that it was going to take them three and a half months to fix it, and meanwhile i would have to lay out a hefty 5000 for a rental. I called everyone at CNAC and JD, even got ahold of I guess one of the top people in the company, but was told there was nothing anyone could do. On top of that, I was told that I should be grateful that all the work was getting done for free. I’m sorry, isn’t that what “covered by WARRANTY” means?? So in other words, I should just be happy that they were generous enough to honor the warranty that was still in effect?? Anyhow, at this point I kept trying to trade the car, or have then reimburse the rental fees, but I got nowhere. When I finally got the car back, the rear wheels were all bent up. Me and my fiance asked to speak to a manager, who came out and started a screaming match with us, accusing us of damaging the car when we drove it to a gas station 1 mile down the street. To put gas in my car. Because it magically went from FULL to EMPTY while “sitting in the lot” for three months. By the way, this thing with the gas happened every time the car got serviced. Finally, we just left because the argument escalated to a ridiculous degree. When they put the engine in, they forgot to put in a bolt. That missing bolt almost made the whole arm with the wheel on it fall off. Good thing both me and my fiance used to work on cars, so we caught it before the car turned into a death trap. Fast forward about a year and a half ( two weeks ago ). One day car is fine, next day the transmission has a hole in it the size of my head. This is our only car, so now neither one of us can get to work. Also, since I cant get to work now, I cant pay for a rental. I called CNAC and my account rep wasnt there. I spoke to a very nice woman instead, that convinced me to have the car towed in for repairs. She was aware that the warranty was no longer in effect, but she told me I would get a loaner car, and the repair bill will simply be tacked onto my regular car payments. I told her that I found a transmission at a junkyard for a very low price, and could put it in myself. She then informed me that JD determines if you get to trade the lemon in or not by looking at how many repairs were done to the car, and how inconvenienced I was by it. She also said that the service dept was under new management, so I wont have to be without a car for another 3 months. I was so happy to finally hear that! I immediately had my car towed in. The next day my account rep called me. She told me that the person that promised me all the good stuff “didnt know what they were talking about”, and they dont do ANY of the stuff that was promised to me. I explained to the rep that if I cant get to work, I cant make payments. Which is when I got the lecture about how much they helped me and how bad it would be if I gave them the car back. in their words “if you give us the car back, it will ruin your credit. And all we’re going to do is fix the car and resell it, and you’ll still have to pay us the remaining six grand that you owe.” My idea of putting a transmission in myself was shot down because “I’ll have to pay someone to do it for me, and I’ll never find a transmission for a 100 bucks”. I guess since I’m a girl, I wouldnt know how to do any of that. Then I was asked about how I’ve been getting to work so far, and I told them I’ve been getting rides from coworkers. Sometimes I can get a ride, sometimes not. When I cant get a ride, I have to call off. THIS IS THE BEST PART !!! The rep offered to see if I live near a bus line! Like I’m going to pay 340 a month and ride the metro bus LOL That was a good joke. I hung up on the rep and called the service department. They said that after running all the diagnostics ( because you NEED to run all those to diagnose a humongous hole in the transmission ), they determined that I need a new transmission. They asked for 500 up front to order the part. Where am I supposed to get that money if I cant even get to work? They said they had absolutely no idea when they would get the part, and how long the repair would take. ( Another 3 months , maybe? Or 4? ) I called my friend, borrowed his trailer, and went and picked up my car. This was last week. Since then, I haven’t heard anythining from my rep, or anyone else. Maybe, since tomorrow is Friday, they’ll call me with a friendly reminder that I owe them money. Funny, since I think I should at least deserve to be able to drive the car that I’m paying for. But it looks like the only thing they care about is money.

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