Cal-Cars and City Motors

Cal-Cars and City Motors

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Published: 01 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased a 91 Ford Thunderbird 5.0 from a “buy here pay here” lot in Omaha, Ne. Since getting the car and having it for almost a year, I’ve done over 15 repairs with in a 5 month span. They sold this hunk of junk to me for $4,000.00. Eventually my engine broke down and needed to be replaced. Cal-Cars advised me that if I go to a mechanic of their choice they can refinance the repairs into the loan I was paying on. They advised the mechanic I was going to, does “great” work for them all the time. I towed my car to there shop and within 2 hours they diagnosed the engine as “needed to be replaced.” I went ahead and approved for them to work on my car, and gave Cal-Cars $400 as a down payment for the repairs. It sound and looked like we were being tooken care of, there repairs were the cheapest in town and I kept hearing good things from Cal-Cars about this mechanic. December 26th came and i recieved a call from the mechanic stating ” I found a great engine out of a mustang 5.0 high octane w/ only 30,000 original miles. I was excited, but that engine was $250 more than what they estimated. So I gave them the money for that. Days went by, weeks went by, the car was never ready. We kept calling about the vehicle but we got a different excuse on why it wasnt ready. Eventually after 2 months we recieved our car. After 2 days of having the car the engine broke down. We towed back into the shop and they told us it was a spark plug. 3 days later we got the car back 2 days later the car shut out and was back to the shop. They couldnt tell what it was but the engine was still leaking oil like our very first engine “?” (suspicious). They replaced the engine again “per say” this engine had 40,000 original miles.”?” but the first engine was very hard to find “how did they find this one. After 3 more times our car revisiting this shop we still have the same problems. We finally took it to a different mechanic and he ran a full digital diagnostic test and the engine had 5 major problems from rear main seal leak to a loose distributor. I became out raged and advised City Motors of this and all they could is they didnt know. I have demanded some of the money back from the repairs and they couldnt give it back, Cal-Cars believes that they have no reponsiblity for the scandle even though they told me to take it there and til this day my car remains at the City Motor repair shop. And I have finished paying off the repairs. Audrea Omaha, Nebraska

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