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Published: 31 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Calcars Of Tulsa ripoff Tulsa Oklahoma!!

My daughter went to Calcars to buy her very first car. It should have been an enjoyable first experience but to our dismay,the 1993 Ford Probe had a leaking radiator, a gas leak, and was out of oil before she had 300 miles on it. The Ford Probe completely broke down within 18 days and was undrivable.Donald Hoang the manager and Tony Abbott, one of the sales persons, told my daughter to bring in the car and they would have their mechanics look at it and they would fix what was wrong on a list of things that they told her to list. Approximatly 1 month later we noticed that the car was sitting behind the building and had not even been looked at. My daughter wanted to get some personal items of hers out of the car and Calcars had the nerve to tell her she could not. We called the police and got her stuff finally. All this time Calcars kept telling her they would fix her car and my daughter faithfully made timely payments on the Ford Probe. Finally Calcars said that if she paid for a diagnostics test at a friend of theirs establishment,then they could send this to the finance office, then they could trade her out of the Ford Probe and put her into a different car, if the cost to fix the Ford Probe was greater than the value of the car. Great we thought. So just to fix the transmission on the Probe was about $2,000, much more than the car was acually worth. So finally they traded her into anouther car but added the old loan value onto the car she was getting into, a 1996 Saturn. SO NOW, the loan is for 2 cars and is more than what they will allow her to get into without a co-signer! So being her father and wanting to see something come out of this deal other than her handing over $160 every 2 weeks for a car she does not even have in her possesion any more, I co-sign. The 1996 Saturn makes it 5 days and the lower end goes completely out of it.Now Calcars says to get an estimate of what a moter would cost and they will summit it to the bank to see if they will LOAN her the money to fix it. Well both times it is the same old cat and mouse game. You make a payment and the bank will make a decision, then it’s well the commitee has to meet and get back to you. Then its time to make anouther payment and then its, well, make your payment courent and they will make a decision. My daughter never missed a single payment the entire time and was in fact, only late by 1 hour, 1 time. In the process of all this, REMEMBER the Ford Probe that went to their friend the mechanic? Well he needs to get in touch with my daughter cause he wants to get paid for the diagnostic test on the Ford Probe and is charging daily storage. But the sad part about it is when he calls Calcars to find out who owns the car and how to get ahold of the owner? Calcars WILL NOT give out that information to him!!! When he finally does track her down the total bill is now over $900 for the diagnistic report and storage. THEY SENT IT THERE!On their suggestion and our OK, they had him come get the Ford Probe from their lot and have him tow it to his bussiness from their’s and they will not give out that information! NOW Calcars wants to have us tow the broken down Saturn to them so their mechanic can check it out and verify that the moter has indeed went out of the Saturn and have her pick out anouther car and take it to someone to have a diagnostics test done on it at her expense, OH and don’t forget to make the payment on the 2 previous broke down cars. Finally we said enough is enough and told them to go get the Saturn out of the driveway, she was not going to give them anouther penny. So then Donald Hoang calls her over and over at her place of employment on 10/5/05 harrassing her until she had to demand that he quit and desist. He hung up on her. SO BEWARE anyone thinking that your credit is not good enough to get into a car.There are much better options than paying for a broken down pile of junk from Calcars, that couldn’t and probable shouldn’t have been sold else where. By the way, the name of the finance company is ASTRA FINANCIAL, which is Calcars own finance company. Also known as Calcars Finance. Richard Claremore, OklahomaU.S.A.

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