Caledonia Police Department

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Published: 09 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Caledonia Police Department Police Officer Was Out Of Sort Caledonia Minnesota!!

Officer Complaining about Officer Seth Louks: Officer Number: 105 Citation #: 28 01 XX701301 Date of Incident: 1/13/2017 State of Minnesota Houston County City of Caledonia I just recently sent another letter to the Chief of the Police of the Caledonia Police Department. This time I sent it certified stating he had failed to respond to me. I have been sending emails and letters with no response in recent months and complaining about this also to the mayor for longer than that. Once again, no response from Mayor either. I have also just by letter. I do everything on this case by emails and letters, I make copies of the letters, so I have written proof of what all I’ve complained about and also have been requesting that anyone of them reply by the same standards I use. I contacted the Minnesota State Attorney General’s office by email before and they sent me a letter with suggestions of who to contact. They had suggested the Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training. Still have yet to hear from them as I just sent out the letter. Here is just certain parts of the last letter (as I’ve said before, this one was a certified letter) I sent to the Chief of Police of the Caledonia Police Department here in Caledonia, Minnesota: Dated: September 13th, 2017 To: Chief of Police, Kurt Zehnder of the Caledonia Police Department I have contacted you by letters and emails a few times in recent months pertaining to one of your police officers, Seth Louks. Demanding punishment be given him. I believe he has committed an injustice when he was here on January 13th, 2017. I have also contacted the Minnesota State Attorney General’s Office for information and contact information to other places in authority who could also help me with this as your continued non-response to this issue means you are not in favor of punishment for that police officer and further action on this matter would need to be taken. Here are portions of what I wrote in the last letter to you: “I request that punishment be given to Officer Seth Louks for his inappropriate behavior at my apartment door by shaking on the knob a lot like he was trying to force his way in. And then his unprofessional behavior when I called the police station to try to explain the situation that my neighbor accused my dogs of but he insisted I was yelling and hung up on me and refused to listen to me. Officer Seth Louks had no reason to try to force his way in here. It was not legal for him to try to do it. Whenever the cops have been at my door they just knock

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