Camden Fairways Apt

Camden Fairways Apt

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Published: 07 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

First I wa Lied to upon moving in, when I specificaaly aked, was told my water bill was seperate from other tenant,come to find out its not. Had a mold problem, all maintinence did was cover up exsisting mold with new caulking. Was told I would be able to pay an early out penelty fee if I wanted to break lease a month earlier due to medical reasons I could not live alone any longer and when the time came,I was then told I could not pay a early out penelty fee, tht I would have to keep posession of the apartment until the end of my lease,even know the apt has been vacant for 1 1/2 months, they still refuse to take back posession until the end of March. I specifically told mngmt I was going to have carpets shampood and I was told not to do so because I was going to be charged a cleaning/carpet fee reguardless so I went ahead and had all utilities at apt shut off and once Camden found out i shut off the utilities then they said that I can shampoo carpets to avoid Carpet cleaning fees, now that they know I had no power to apt to run a carpet cleaner. They are doing whatever they can to find a way to charge me and keep my deposits. I have several people I have met that have had/are having same issues with Camden properties. It is such a scam!! I wanted to shampoo carpets to insure I get all my deposits back and they told me that whether I did that or not I would STILL be charged and NOW ethey are trying to change their story, now THAT i HAVE NO WAY of shampooing carpets due to all utilities have been shut off. In was an exceptional tenant, never late on rent, never had any complaints againt me etc and yet this is how they treat their tenants. I have left the apt in much better/cleaner conditon than it was given to me and yet they are still trying to charg me fro things that I wanted to take car of myself but was told not to because I would still be charged. Ths is such a horrible company, a bunch of liars and scammers. So sad what people in the world has come to…….

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