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Published: 11 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Canadian Discount Club CDC Canadian Discount Club is a scam Mississauga, Ontario Canada!!

On September 11, 2010 I received a call from CDC about me winning a 3 night, 2 days trip to Las-Vegas through a ballot that was filled at Gage Park on Canada Day. I did filled few ballots there but don’t know for what was it. An perfect English speaking lady gave me the information such as confirmation number, the time and date to pick up my prize.The date was for the next day Sept 12, 2010 at 12pm. Me, my wife and my toddler drove there and went into the office. At the front there was a man of another race and gave them the confirmation number. We were taken to the upper floor in a room and asked us to fill some forms in order to get the prize.The man who I think the name was Eddy, asked us what will happen and he said that there is a 60-90 minute orientation introducing us their membership and what they have to offer. We then went into another room where the presentation took place, there another man named George did the presentation and what they offer. Their membership was very convincing as to how much I can save. So I decided to get more information on their membership. Their price was not bad, the membership was $2,999 + $299 processing fee + HST (13%) which came to $3,726.74. I decided to give it a try since they said that there is a 10 day trial if I am not happy. They charged my chip visa card 3,726.00.They said that during the 10 days I can send them as many quotes as possible and they will get back to me within 24 hours with their price. But cannot purchase something because I will not be a member until I tell them to.We went on the internet and searched for things that we were interested such as leather sofas and appliances. We sent them the quotes by email on Sept 14, 2010 at 9:30pm and did not hear back from them for a week until I called them and no answer.In an conversation over email Omer asked us to go in their office for orientation about how to use their web site to purchase stuff. On Sept 18 (Saturday) asked them if we can come in for the orientation, on Sept 20 he replied by email and asked that it was a very short notice. On Sept 20, I tried to call them to ask them either refund my money or extend the 10 days, and also emailed and never returned either email or call. On Sept 21, finally got hold of them after so many calls and they said that it was very short notice and that they needed two days notice and remember Sept 24, my 10 days were over. I asked him that I emailed and called on Sept 20 so he said that he will look at it. Every time I called him he would say let me check my computer and would hang up and wouldn’t call back. Since Sept 21 till now I have been calling them, emailing them and no reply and no answer. I even went there and George or Mr. “No Problem”” said that he will talk to Omer about the refund.Even until now I try to call them and still no answer

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