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Published: 29 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

For over one month I had communicated with Steve Camastra about a job his company Capone Trucking had advertised on Craigs List for an Experience Heavy Haul Truck Driver. Mr Camastra told a big story how is company wasupdating their 5 trucks to new trucks and he had new trailers too. I sent Capone Trucking a resume and after one month and several communications I called Steve Camastra and he told me he wanted to hire me ASAP because he had a new truck sitting waiting to be put to work. Mr Camastra told me in our first conversation and when he told me he wanted to hire me “He would provide a rental car” so that I could travel to Florida and be able to carry all my personal clothes and other tools or equpiment that I would need to drive , load and haul heavy equipment. I traveled to Florida levaing Feb 9, 2019 and arrived Feb 11, 2019 in the evening. On Friday the next day I was drug tested and did a road test. The road test was conducted by one of his dispatchers and at the end he told me I did OK. Later at the end of the day Mr. Camastra told me that he would meet me the next morning on Saturday because he wanted to go over more information about company rules and procedures. On Saturday Mr Camastra sent me several messages telling me he was being delayed but would still meet me at the truckstop where his business was based. FInally about 4PM Steve Camastra meetme at the truck stop and told me that he was not going to hire me. He told me that I need to retire from trucking , he said he felt that I would be unsafe on the road and that it was his responsibility to the public tonot hire me.(Too Old) . He then lied to me telling me that he and his son Chris and wife had been talking about their decision all day that is way he was 6 hours late meeting me.(He lied) He also brought out a list of what it had cost him to bring me out from Nevada to Miami ,a motel for one night in Miami and the cost of a drug test. I had told him that it was his decision and off to pay all these cost and part of the cost of owning the business and hiring employees. I told Steve that he would recoup his cost and make a lot of money if I drove one of his trucks for him,,he told me “IT DID NOT MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY I COULD MAKE FOR THE COMPANY HE HAD A LOT OF MONEY” At this time Steve Camasta told me he had just bought a bus ticket to send me home (ticket was bought a 4 AM that morning thus the lie he did not make his decision untill that afternoon). I told him that I could not take everything I had brought from Nevada on a bus and that was the reason he provided a rental car so I could bring tools and other thingsI needed to do the job. Steve refused to discuss the matter but told me he had to leave and would be back in 10 minutes, When Steve cam back he had 2 local police offiecers with him,he had called 911 and had told the police that i was causing a disturbance and would not leave the truckstop. During the whole time on Satuday when and after Steve Camastra told me he was not going to hire me and thathe would not provide the same method of transportation that he brought me to florida and that i had to take a bus for 4 days back to Nevada I never raised my voice or used profanity. The officers obviouly knew quickly that I was not a problem but advised me to leeave. I still had a some of my personal property in Capones office but STeve Camasta would not let me get them and told me “He would ship my property to me” Today Feb 17, 2019 I contacted Steve Camastra and he told me that if I wanted my tools and other personal items I would have to oay the shipping. Mr Camastra lied about his trucking business, Capone had ony been in business about one year, He had started hauling refreigerated freight and after he quickly failed and lost money blaming the drivers, he with no experience in trucking let alone heavy haul transporting wide and over weight loads he decided to become a “Heavy Haul Company”. Steve Camastra hire me by phone while I was home in Nevada, He told me that he checked my work history and referneces and everything was great. He offered and provided and rental car for me to travel to Florida to start work for him. After there one day he changed his mind and then would only buy me a 5 day bus ticket so i could return home but not be able to bring all my tools and other personal items but bus but told me he would ship the things I had to leave to me AfterI returned home Steve told me that if I wanted my property I wouldhave to pay the shipping coat for a few hundred pounds of tools. In Capones ad for an experienced HEAVY HAUL DRIVER the ad said 5 years min experience and a clean driving recored, I have 43 years truck driving experience, he last 15 hauling only wide and over weight heavy haul loads and 3 1/2 million miles with no accidents and over 1 1/2 million miles with out a traffic violation since my last ticket in a commercial vehicle. Am i excellent health and passed the US DOT Physical. I would npt advise anyone to drive for this company nor would I advise any shipper or broker to do business with this company they have idea how to run a trucking company of transport oversize or overweight freight. Brokers need to avoid Capone because Steve Camastra told me he would back door the brokers and call shippers direct.Steve Camastra’s only previous work experience was working at his fathers bakery in Brooklyn New York, when his father dies he inherited the bakery and then sold sold it for the money. He could not ake bread and he can not run a trucking company nor properly deal with employees . Steve Camastra braggs and tries to act like he is a high roller with big bucks but actually lies and is only a cheap skate and does not keep his word, I belive he has a severe personallity disorder. Steve Camastra and his company Capone Trucking can not be trusted.

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