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Published: 26 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I am writing about a company called (Red Rock Tribal Lending) based out Watersmeet Michigan. In November, I decided to take out a small loan amount of $950. I agreed to the terms of the contract. I did not read the small print about the intrest rate, which was my fault. In, December, I looked at my checking account and realized that I was in negative balance! I looked at the amount which CastlePayday took out and it was $675.00! I couldn’t get over what I was seeing. This also cost me an additional $200 of fees due to overdraft. Talk about a Christmas surprise! I tried calling them talking about this whole deal. They would not show any kind of compassion. They just told me that I signed the agreement and they were sorry. I called about 4 times more only to get the same response. They said they would only extend the due date. So, to make a long story short, I was being charged just a tad bit over 70%. Completely my fault for not reading the fine print. But here is my complaint. Does it make it right, to charge someone extremley high intrests rates without telling them first verbally what kind of rates will apply to the loan? They didn’t inform me verbally and if they did, I would have ran away from the loan as fast as possible. Knowing that most people don’t read the mile long fine print, all credit companies (including tribal indian) should inform verbally of what interest is being charged before the agreement is made. After signing the loan, I then went to the website (which I didn’t beofre) and saw this: 28 $950.00 $332.50 $357.50 $1,282.50 What this means is line 28 breaks down my total amount borrowed followed by something called fee balance (332.50) followed by something called total due (357.50) followed by total due (1,282.50). This company is out to hurt people rather than help! Stay far away for this company! It will damage your account and put you further back making it almost impossible to pay off! I really hope that the Federal Governmet will look at groups like this and step in to stop this from happening. Just for the record, I paid a total of $665.00 for the fist month of interest and another $665.00 for the second month of intrest, without even touching the principle due of $950.00 for a grand total of $2,280.00!! Wow…talk about a Castle pay day for Castle pay day! I just paid off the entire balance due. I had to sell off a bunch of my personal belongings to make this happen. Total interest paid in 2 months, $1,330! I decided to pay them off before I launch a major complaint against them. Just to make it clear that I wasn’t out to take advantage of them, rather, I was trying to build up credit ratings and establish a good lending company relationship, which didn’t happen. Please, read the fine print before signing and aviod (Red Rock Tribal Lending Co) out of Watersmeet, Michigan. I will be writing my congressman and try to get them and others, to make groups like this, stop what they are doing, ripping off people. Thank you, Al

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