Catherine Diogene

Catherine Diogene

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Published: 04 December 2020

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On March 5th 2014, as a hard working american woman who was had seeked some spiritual enlightenment went to a woman name: u201c Catherine Diogene u201c aka u201c Manze La Rein u201c – in the Haitian vodou belief system in Queens, NY. How i first talked to Catherine was via Facebook after she had read one of my post on how i am feeling spiritually drained, mentally exhausted due to too much thoughts and stressful days at home and work; How iu2019m having trouble remembering my dreams so forth. Than catherine sent me a message in my facebook inbox saying , how she had read my post and know what i am going through because she went the same things, came to find out it was being cause by the vodou spirits who had then claimed her to be ordained priestess . She had asked me a question, u201c Have you visited a Doctor/Psychiatrist for my discomforts (?) I replied that i barely have the time for doctors visit. So shey said, sheu2019s been reading my post and most of the times what i wrote saddened her because she knows exactly what i’m going through. I am not a Haitian American woman, i didnu2019t really understood WHY she was relating the discomforts she had with mine and with vodou involve. So i asked her, how was vodou able to help you before you undergone initiation . She said that, her birth father gave her the sacred rattle of priesthood to had stopped the spirits from bothering her. But she was being reluctant in all so sheu2019d suffered for it before she became a priestess. Catherine described her role as being a very experience shamanic healer. Someone who had helped several people with their problems; problems that lawyers, judges, the police and doctors couldnu2019t help her clients with, but she did . She invited me to a spiritual wedding she held at a location she rented, stating she would like for me to be there and witness how beautiful the vodou tradition is. Its nothing like iu2019ve seen on TV ! ( Oh! Iu2019ve seen plenty on tv except a perfect ripoff like herself ) The streets are talking that catherine is a married woman with two kids ( which is true, came to find out ) who is also involved with another man on her husband. ( somebodyu2019s a w***e ) During the ceremony, the man i came to find out who is her side lover was possessed by a warrior spirit by the name of – Ogun, an orisha of the vodou pantheon . The spirit had came towards me with his manchette and had ask to speak to me. so catherine came and had signal me to get up and talk towards the spirit to speak to him . So i did ! During the chatting with the warrior spirit ogun, catherine was translating creole into english, so that i could understand. She CLAIM that the troubles that iu2019ve been having was being cause by the u201c vodou spirits u201c and that i have lots of ancestral african blood lines in my lineage etc. Then the possess man got my left ring finger and blew rum from his mouth onto my ring finger as his gesture in asking my hand in marriage . Catherine told me to say YES i will marry him. So i did. 3 days later on the phone, she started telling me what the whole ordeal was that happened etc. She said that i am now her u201c little leaf u201c, she is now my spiritual elder who will be guiding me in reconnecting with my lost ancestors . I asked catherine about the wedding and how does a vodou wedding goes about planning . She said, she will tell me allu2026u2026. when she started she said, i will need $4,000 alone to pay for drummers, to cook the spirits favorite food, to feed the coming guest . And afterwards she gave me a list of things i will need to purchase out of the $4,000. Such as 2 gold rings red stone, 4 other rings, 2 with sky blue stone for a god name u201c agoueu201d and 2 green gold stone rings for the famous hollywood snake god u201c dambala u201c . 3 different sets of clothing etc. LONG STORY SHORT ! I felt ripped off. After the wedding, nothing changed really. I crashed my car into another one, got fines to pay, insurance bills got high. When i told catherine how worse my live is starting to get, she said – oh, i must quickly take on the next step, sheu2019s guessing that she spirits are impatient . I must get kanzo ( Initiated ) into the first level of priesthood. Before i take on that step. she offered to do a head cleansing sacrament so that i could have lucid dreams. NONE of the scam she pulled to empty my pockets worked and now i am speaking out. From what i heard, those haitian ordained fake priest/esses sees these desperate hard working people like me, they will try and take advantage. i have told cathering if she doesnu2019t pay me my money back i will take this whole scam sheu2019s running to the local news. and she BETTER believe it, i will ! From what i also find out, sheu2019s not the ONLY haitian woman and that man sheu2019s sleeping with on the sides who are running these scams. I have a friend of mine whou2019s a reporter for good morning america. catherine will definitely get her 15 mins of FAME ! She recently moved; but i got her NEW address.

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