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Published: 01 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

IF YOUR CONSIDERING WORKING FOR THIS COMPANY, DON’T!!! My nightmare started in April of 2013. I worked as an “independent contractor” for C&E Builders, out of their Janesville, WI office until The beginning of November 2013. While they made it quite clear I was an independent contractor, they treated me as an employee, set my schedules, required me to work certain hours, and then did not pay me what was agreed upon at the beginning, which was 20%. Since then, everyone I knew that has worked there has been ripped off and scammed out of their money. When I began working, I was given no paperwork to sign, no contracts or anything. I was told I would be paid 20% of every job I earned the claim off of, and once I was “promoted” I received 30%. In order to get this percentage, I was responsible for filing the claim of home-damage with homeowners, meeting with the insurance company, putting the job into production, and following through with all correspondence. It was going pretty good for awhile, and I was being paid. Up until they wanted me to sign me a one sided contract which was one sided and would have made me liable for absolutely everything. Their words exactly were “if I didn’t want to sign the contract, then I wasn’t getting paid”. Said by Seth Dilocker. Before they told me return my sales supplies to the company (with no reasoning), I received a commission report that stated I was supposed to be getting a check for $1700. I never never got the check, and they dropped the percentages 5%(After all of the work had already been done!) . I was told I owed them $4000!!! (Because their jobs had lost money, when I don’t order supplies, hire the contractors, or get any of the paperwork in order….how is that my responsibility?) They had no explanation for doing this, nor did they give out this “contract” to everyone working for them. They have continued to pay a few stragglers for their past jobs, and just fallen off the face of the earth for most of us. It left me broke, and in a place financially I had never expected. I left my career because I was promised by Eric Conner “That if you don’t make $100,000 this year then I’ve failed you!” Will Eric, you failed, completely! All I did was come to work each day, do my job as I was taught, and I did better than anyone else one their team. SO WHERE THE HELL DO THEY GET THE RIGHT TO NOT PAY ME? Their business practices are wrong!! They treat their “independent contractors” like trash, and you’ll end up putting much more money into working for this company that you’ll ever see back. Please take this as a warning not to work for these people. Their work is done horribly, and their morals are even worse. AS HOMEOWNERS, I would be aware that the quality of work is WELL BELOW AVERAGE. They come in quick, and get out fast. They blow threw the work in one day, and if there is a repair thats needed, you’d be lucky to get that fixed in 4 months. They don’t return calls, and their pricing is never biased on facts. It’s just a number thats pulled out of a hat. Eric Conner, Seth Dilocker, and others that are running this SCAM of an operation are too busy partying, doing drugs, and living the high life to care at all out the “others” out there. I am SO GLAD to be out of this hell hole. If you get the opportunity to work at this place, or any others with warnings like this, please take my advise and RUN THE OTHER WAY!

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