Cedar Bluff 24 Hour Towing Inc

Cedar Bluff 24 Hour Towing Inc

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Published: 02 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company is belived to be getting a kickback for towing cars from an apartment complex in downtown knoxville. I had just recently moved here from Valparaiso IN and ending up meeting a few people down here in TN so i decided to visit one of them at their apartment complex. While i was there for 3-4 hours at some time they decided to tow 8 vehicles out of the parking lot that was right outside not giving notice to anyone in the complex. When i went outside to leave my vehicle was gone in a panic i reported the vehicle stolen not noticing that the parking lot that was full when i went in and was almost empty when i got out. After being given the runaround by the police. The next day i was told that it was towed by the friend that lived in the complex along with the other 7 or 8 vehicles that night. When we called the towing company that towed the truck (located across town) they said they had been told to tow any vehicle that night that did not have a sticker in the window. They had said the manager of the complex ordered a drive thru that night to look. How many complexes have a drive tru at 3 in the morning ? anywas i talked the the guy at the towing place and told him that this was a bunch of bull$h!t and that everything that was in that truck better be there when i show up. His response was quote “Its not my problem”. Taking that as a shister like response i told him that this is his problem and i will be there in 20 min to pick the truck up. The total for the tow and the half day it sat in the impound was $116.00 total this made me upset so i talked to the friend that lived in the complex and she said that she would tell her office that they can take it out of her rent because they had no right to tow that vehicle. When she had made that statment to the office they told her they would not take it out of her rent and if she did not send the whole ammount that she would be reported to a credit agency. So that idea went out the window well the people in the office told her to file a formal complaint “which means we are not going to get a reply”. the tenant then asked well can i not have visitors? the offices reply was yes you can but they have to park to the left of this dumpster that was located in the parking lot. Not being told this she replied that she was never informed of this in the three months that she has been living there and she was told that all guest vehicles could have been parked up to 1 week before being pulled. well after about 2 or three other things the tenant should of known but were never told by the complex (which to me seems they were trying to come up for a reason for the towings) these magical sighn’s appeared the next day that said if you dont have a sticker you will be towed and that no guest vehicles can be parked over night in the complex. To me that seems fair enough warning but not after you tow all those vehicles. Now to me being parked for 3 or 4 hours is not concidered being overnight but hey i might be wrong. For some of the others that were towed some had lived there and had not recived their stickers yet (also got towed that night) along with a hadfull of other that were visiting that complex that night. If you have any information on what to do. Please help me out if you have been in this situation before ! Justin Powell, TennesseeU.S.A.

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