Center for Productive Longevity

Center for Productive Longevity

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Published: 22 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

in the short time I worked for Bill Zinke I realized everything that was said in the numerous other ripoffscamss were absolutly TRUE AND ACCURATE! * He lies about the job. Don’t believe him when he says you will have all this responsibility or working directly with top people or organizing conferences. All you are is a typist. He thinks executive assistants only transcribe from handwritten t-bits like in the 1940’s on typewriters and will treat you like CRAP and call you STUPID if you do something as simple as have a typo * He is abusive! He will yell and demean and demoralize his employees for as little as a difference of opinion. You are hired not to think for yourself, even when he asks you a question about your opinion. IF he doesnt hear what he wants to hear, he will yell and scream at you! * He breaks labor laws by hiring people on a salary basis and forcing them to not have any independent judgment, forced unpaid mandatory overtime, short or no lunches, and will yell at you or FIRE YOU if you state what your rights as an employee are * He will use his background as an attorney to threaten your livelihood! Here is some background on the man. Dont take my word for it, here are other employee reviews! In short, STAY AWAY! DO NOT TAKE ANY JOB HE OFFERS YOU! The horrible abuse he will treat you to will cause unsurmountable pain and anguish.

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