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Published: 31 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Ceramicperformance Chuck Harty, cerbond, cerbond engine treatment Cerbond is nothing but a rip off website, Beware! Internet!!

I am reporting this company Ceramic performance, owner chuck harty and others as they are selling bad products, that say they will fix things when in reality they destroyed my car transmission costing me 3500.00 to repair. I bought there product after reading all there data and testimonials saying this was great stuff and would make my car last longer. after putting their product in my car seemed better for a week or so, then the trans failed. I had it towed to mechanic he said this stuff really messed the trans up , ie clutches destroyed , valve body ruined and that it would cost me 3500.00 for new rebuild. O.K. well the site said they had insurance to protect me , so I went back to make sure. yep, it says they have insurance, so I e-mailed them……….. No response at all ? so I tried to call them, when I talked to Chuck Harty the so called owner he said I must have done it wrong and I would not be covered? done it wrong? How could I do it wrong I followed the instructions to the letter and poured entire bottle in trans then let it run, How could that be wrong? with all that I decided to check these guys out, I found a report here on rip off that said it all , this guy Chuck had apparently stolen the data and testimonials from a different product , them started selling what ever using this other companies stuff in an effort to give his stuff a good back ground. I am so stupid for not doing my research on this company before buying their product, as they seem to be crooks prying on the unsuspecting consumer, and when their product destroyed my transmission they said tuff luck and will not take my calls anymore! I have to tell you I have found the company that Chuck took the data from so I called them and within 1 hour I was talking to the inventor of a real engine products that Ceramic performance was using to sell their junk. This guy talked with me for about an hour, telling me how chuck suid him for sending Chuck an e-mail telling chuck that he was to stop using the data and testimonials on cerbond site,and that it cost this guy over 500,000.00 to fight chuck on the issue of stealing the data off of his site. He also explained to me to feel lucky that I did not treat my engine, as he has personally heard from over 40 people of engine, trans, failures after using the cerbond product. I am glad I have found the real guy for the products and that this guy chuck Harty did not ruin my entire car. But I have to say after listening to the owner of Cerma Industries in Denison, Texas. I feel lucky that I was not them as they have had to deal with this chuck Harty guy for years and have spent alot of money trying to stop him from cheating other people, with no resolve, he said chuck has violated all the court orders and he has tried to enforce the orders but Cerbond and Cermic performance just keeps going… This is what has happened to me, I have paid the ultimate price, after reading this I hope you do not make the same mistake as I did ! Here is the link for what I found on this company and it’s owners : www.ripoffscams.com/car-parts-accessories/ceramic-performance/ceramic-performance-inc-cerbo-a5855.htm

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