Chad Franklin Suzuki LEGENDS SUZUKI

Chad Franklin Suzuki LEGENDS SUZUKI

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Published: 17 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

They used a bait and switch scam on my wife and I. We were told by there salesman about a deal where you drive a car for ten months and at the end of the ten months you turn in the vehicle for (any other vehicle on the lot). We wanted the four cylinder car because we are both in school and the salesman told us that we should try out their Grand Vitara (V6) it gets great gas milage and if we don’t like it at the end of the ten months we can just bring it back and then get the forenza(4 cylinder). While signing the paperwork the Finance manger Scott F. told use not to worry about the payments because they were going to cover them for use all we have to do is teke good (above average) care of teh vehicle and keep it under 15,000 miles. The ten months just ended this month and we went to trade our suv for the forenza because the Grand Vitara gets terrible gas milage. They tell us that we have to stay in the same model of car or something with a higher price. we were then told we can not pick anything with a lower price than the price we started at. This is the opposite of what we had agreed upon. we found out that the salesman no longer works their but, we can not afford 560.00 a month payments. This is there reply to the Better Business Bureu !!!!!! We have been in contact with Mr. Segura and are working to find a vehicle and payment that will work for him. If you need any additional information please contact us. Thank you. This is a LIE; they didn’t try to help resolve the situation at all. They we rude, condescending, and very bullying in their demeanor I received a call from someone named Nick who was said to be the sales manager and he told me that he would wait and talk to me himself on the next day between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm. When we arrived we were not greeted by anyone but had to go ask for some assistance. We asked for the sales manager Nick and were informed no one, worked there with that name. I then went to Skylar the sales associate who had tried to resolve the situation earlier and he called his sales manager RICK who didn’t know anything about what was going on. He at first was very rude and carried himself in a bullying manner trying to strong arm us into what ever he said goes. This infuriated me and I told them that I had contacted you along with the Attorney Generals office because I feel that they were using dishonest selling scams and I just wanted what was agreed upon previously, but of course since the whole staff with the exception of two or three people has all been since let go or quit. I showed them the typed letter, which I was giving at the time of purchase that stated the rules of the program I was qualified for. The sales manager Rick said “thank you for bringing this in but it doesn’t state that you can pick any car off the lot.” He implied that the letter, THEY TYPED and SIGNED was to VAGUE. The part where they said we are working to find a vehicle and payment that will work for him was also a lie. The vehicle they were referring to was a 2004 BMW 525i fully loaded. When asking them are the payments going to be higher than the already high 560.00 a month. They replied with “OH YES” but we will pay the first six months of payments for you. Ten minutes later we are told to just go home because the BMW was sold that morning and they will try to find something else. I receive a call two days later stating, that there is no car that can take the inequity of the Grand Vitara so we will just have to bring our 2007 model in and trade it for a 2008 model. We can’t pay the monthly payments and are now going to have to default because of this very sneaky and manipulatable company formally known as CHAD FRANKLIN SUZUKI now LEGENDS SUZUKI. I am going to be taking legal action and have found out that there are more people caught in this scam who are in the same situation. If everyone calls the better business and Attorney geerals office we can stop them from doing this to anyone else. Don’t bother with Problem solvers because Chad pays them a ton of money so YOU guessed it. Problem solvers will never go after them… Zack Overland Park, KansasU.S.A.

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