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Published: 11 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Charles A. Findley Joshua W. Cook Bad Landlords, Fraud, Stealing money, Slander, Libel, Unethical housing practices Chelsea, Massachusetts!!

Charles Findley and Joshua Cook are owners of a real estate company called C/F Realty at 173 Washington Avenue in Chelsea, MA at 617-884-9887. They also own a cybercafe coffee house called The Chelsea City at the same location.Charles Findley and Joshua Cook also own 4 apartments in 2 separate buildings that neighbor the cafe at 173A and 175A Washington Avenue. They are not very nice people to their customers in the coffee shop. They talk about other people to other people. Make fun of people with mental disabilities that frequent the coffee shop on a daily basis. They disclose where people have been for the day to other tenants and customers. They make up stories to make themselves to be pillars of the community.Since 2004 Charles Findley and Joshua Cook have gone through about 14 tenants combined between both buildings. The only want people who have section 8 because it is fast money and do not make any repairs to the buildings or units. They have about 3 violations with the City of Chelsea and many failed inspections with local section 8 agencies.What gets me is that they use the name C/F Realty which does not exist anywhere in corporate or city filings yet the have people make their rent checks out to this name. I am wondering if their bank knows that are not legal in their structure of business.Do NOT rent from Charles Findley and Joshua Cook unless you want your entire life story spread throughout the neighborhood and through the customers of their cafe, which by the way does about $30 a day.ever want to see someone make your coffee then bend over and see their buns?Oh, Charles Findley and Joshua Cook also have another phone number: 617-461-5207.Charles Findley /Joshua Cook / Ms. Charlene C/F Realty 617-884-9887 / 617-461-5207 [email protected] 173 Washington Avenue / 173A Washington Avenue Chelsea MA 02150 United StatesRelated

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