Charles Edward Horton Jr.

Charles Edward Horton Jr. Review

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Published: 24 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Charles Edward Horton Jr. ripoff stole money from me by lying saying he was going to pay me back but never intended to Arroyo Grande California!!

I am passing a story about a black guy named Charles Edward Horton of San Luis Obispo. Today Charles is 39 years old and I tried to help Charles when he needed money but he ended up using me by stealing and not paying me back. Charles is a black man born and raised in San Luis Obispo. Charles lost his mother and father almost 10 years ago. When Charles father died, he inherited some money from his father’s property with his bothers and sister’s, all divided the money and took a share of the money from selling his father’s real estate. At the time Charles put on the market his father’s home was also the time the market was very cheap to buy a home as if he would have waited after 2002 or later, the house would have sold for more than 3 or 4 times as much. However knowing Charles money was more important as Charles has a problem with drugs and stealing from people. When he received his share of the real estate sold, he pretty much spent everything ASAP. I feel bad for his lost parents if Charles would have learned that taking drugs and stealing is not the answer about life he would be a different people today. He should respected his parents and valued everything his father did for him. His father and mother were religious people where they went to church often, yet Charles was too busy getting high and not sending a single $1.00 for child support to former girlfriend who was raising his child without him. The day his daughter graduated from school, Charles didn’t even give his daughter a graduation card, his current girlfriend did. That is Charles for you. In 2006, Charles again had another child from another girlfriend who supposedly left Charles whether he was cheating on her with other women or wasn’t going to raise his current new baby. I don’t know but when Charles will become responsible for his children and paying people back people he owes, he should take responsibility so he can turn his life around than what he continues to do. So I ask God to please help Charles to stop hurting people. I don’t dislike Charles but how he lied to me as long as I know this guy, he planned to never speak to me again after I lent him money, which is really nothing but the amount vs. friendship, I trusted him and I tried to help him but he took advantage of me. A simple sorry or I can’t pay you back or something to say he is sorry would mean a lot to me, also his former girlfriend for not helping her raise his child and his friends he also took money from. There are many other things about Charles I can say for example but it isn’t about making him look like the worse person in the world, there are a lot of people who steal. Charles was raised by good parents who he lost, it is a matter that he should understand that even when he turned 30 years old back then but now, he shouldn’t be stealing from people at all. If he borrows $80.00 or $200.00 or even $50.00 as he says he is going to pay you back, he should learn that everybody works, people have to make a living, like his mother and father tried to raise him they worked too. He should wake up and see that he needs to pay people back. Below is a list of Charles Edward Horton Jr. criminal record, there is more than this list but this is just from the list to see what he has gotten in trouble with the law. Charles Edward Horton: F00290810 – November 22, 1998 – M1 HS11550(A) Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance Charles Edward Horton: M000156983 May 18, 1998 M1 VC23152 (A) Driving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs Charles Edward Horton: M000165953 November 20, 1990 M1 VC23152(A) Driving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs Charles Edward Horton: M000167898 – January 3, 1991 M1 VC14601.1(A) Driving When Privilege Suspended or Revoked Charles Edward Horton: M000178890 – September 18, 1991 M1 VC23152(A) Driving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs Charles Edward Horton: M000201795 – June 15, 1993 M1 VC14601.2 Driving privilege suspended or revoked for a conviction Charles Edward Horton: M000229001 May 16, 1995 M1 HS11377(A) Possession Of A Controlled Substance Charles Edward Horton: M000230969 June 26, 1995 M1 HS11377(A) Possession Of A Controlled Substance Charles Edward Horton: M000235140 September 28, 1995 M1 HS11550(A) Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance Charles Edward Horton: M000270159 April 13, 1998 M1 VC16028(A) Driving without Insurance Charles Edward Horton: M000273853 June 22, 1998 M1 HS11530(A) (a) “Loiter”” delaying or lingering without a lawful purpose for being on someone’s property and for the purpose of committing a crime as opportunity may be discovered. Charles Edward Horton: M000286664 June 30

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