Chase Hayes

Chase Hayes

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Published: 22 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

THIS LANDORD WILL STEAL AND SWINDLE YOUR DEPOSIT. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOUSE UNLESS YOU WANT TO THROW AWAY $250 DOLLARS OF YOUR DEPOSIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS HOUSE EVEN THE SAN DIEGO POLICE OFFICER WISHED TO WARN ME IN HINDSIGHT NOT TO GO TO CHASE HAYES HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad I am moving out of this place. I am required to pay cash only Chase Hayes [landlord] never issues receipts. I live in a room with four other guys me included. Utilities are “equally” shared even though this month everyone had to pay $28.00 for water and only Steve (another tenant) pays $20. Chase though he says he has a degree in psychology has the worse judge of character I know and this conjecture was empirically manifested when he let an incorrigible thug name Tony in the house for approximately a week and a half without paying rent nor putting a deposit down because he “promised” to pay such in a few days, however such the promise never materialize yet all of us had to “equally” subsidize the utilities for him since he did not have any funds whatsoever to compensate. Now this guy Tony was a violent person that he wanted to fight everyone and threaten everyone, even me to the point I had to purchase mace spray to feel safe in my own room!! I had to tell Chase either you kick him out or the cops will be summoned to remove this low life. After a lengthy debate he finally conceded. I am getting kicked out for not paying $6.90 for carpet cleaning for the living room and cleaning the landlord’s room but OUR ROOM WAS EXCLUDED!! So in essence any “pet project” he wants to do we all have to subsidize such even though it was not explicitly stated in the renter’s contract. He claims I broken a towel rack when 5 people use the bathroom yet want to siphon my $250 deposit without any proof I did it and not someone else. So potential tenants beware Chase may price gauge your deposit as a ploy to give you the least amount back possible. He is very belligerent person who I feels he is right by default. In the contract it states that part of the utilities is cleaning supplies for the KITCHEN not for anything else!! He is very exploitative not only to me but everyone else that is precisely why he wants younger people because they are vulnerable via their ignorance of the tenant’s rights laws. I know the cost is cheap but it is not worth it. One of the roommates wet his bed (30 yrs. old), 3 of them have loud drunken parties till 4am in the morning so good luck getting a good night sleep. They will touch your feet and sexually harass you. But those people are not getting kicked out just me for not paying $6.90 carpet cleaning service because it was against the contract and I am not a sucker that will be exploited (He has a weird sense of “justice”). Do not go to this house even as a last resort. I am posting this to warn people so they do not suffer the same mistake that I unfortunately made. Chase Haynes threatened to lock me out of the house, take away my laptop computer and disregard 30 day notice and still making me pay rent on the first!! HE THREATENED ME AND GOT INTO MY FACE LIKE A GANGSTER THUG. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOUSE EVEN THE SAN DIEGO POLICE OFFICER WISHED TO WARN ME IN HINDSIGHT NOT TO GO TO CHASE HAYES HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! HE THINKS HE IS ABOVE THE LAW LIKE A SLUMLORD!!!!! THE POLICE KNOWS CHASE HAYES VERY WELL AND MEANS NO GOOD!!! TODAY HE JUST DID A DEATH THREAT AGAINST ME. HE EVICT ME THIS MARCH 12, 2018 SO MY 30 DAY NOTICE ENDS WHEN I AM TO LEAVE IS THIS APRIL 10, 2013. YET HE WANTS ME TO LEAVE BY MARCH 31, 2013. HE TREATENED TO CALL HIS SON TO “CLEAN” ME AND GET RID OF ME IF I STAY BEYOND MARCH 31, YOU ARE IN DIRE DANGER BY RENTING FROM THIS THUG MY LIFE IS IN DANGER. I moved out March 29, 2018 and according to the law once the tenant vacates the house the landlord must give your security deposit within 21 days. My security deposit should have been refunded on April 19, 2018 it is April 28, 2018 and now he is making false conspiring accusations that I broke his computer which is completely fictitious.

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