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Published: 06 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

To Whom It May Concern, I purchased a 2005 Audi A8L a year ago (Jan. 18, 2011) from Checkered Flag Audi. This was supposed to be my dream car, but its a nightmare, a lemon. This was not an impulse purchase as I own a 1997 Audi A6, which is the perfect car with no major problems. Ive always purchased new cars, but the A6 was my first used purchase. I like the look of the A8, but not the new A8 price. So for months I looked for the perfect used Audi A8 with reasonable miles and nice features. So I didnt hesitate when I found the 2005 A8L at your dealership. However it has been the worst mistake Ive ever made. The car has spent over (200) two hundred days in service since I purchased it last year. Ive been making car payments on a vehicle that I cant drive because its in the service department on Virginia Beach Blvd. The last time I saw my car was Dec. 16, 2011, and it was broke down on the side of the interstate. Heres a list of some of the things that have been replaced, repaired or broken by the Audi service technicians. The list may not be complete since Im not able to locate the car and retrieve the service records in the glove compartment. The front end replaced. (A problem when we initially purchased the vehicle.) New radiator (which we had no problems with until we took it in for service) New water pump (scheduled maintenance) Electrical system(MII) (Had problem during test driveTook 2 trips and over 80 days to diagnose and fix) Lock and lug set (Dealership lost when diagnosing front end work) Serpentine belt (scheduled maintenance) The whole pulley and belt system, due to improper install. (This caused my car to break down on the interstate on December 16, 2018 and its still at the dealership. Ive not received any communication since the 1st week in Jan 2012.) A dent in the rear bumper while being serviced. (This happened while the car was being service) Damage windshield reservoir, due to frontend work. (Damaged when the front end was serviced and has not been replaced) Cracked center console, due to MII replacement. (Damaged by Audi technician during installation) Bad rear air shock. A problem we discussed with Alan Gurst, Mark (the car salesman), and the business manager when I signed the contract. Alan assured me that since the car hadnt been serviced they would diagnose the problem and fix it. I was told it was not a covered repair and they packed it with grease. Battery replacement (During one of the many service appointments the battery ran down. It was in the shop for over a month when I received the call) I was forced to pay $186.00 to replace the battery and it was clearly not something I caused. This is an excessive amount of repairs. I would understand and expect to have these problems if I purchased my car from Charlie Faulk or The Auto Connection. However I purchased my car from Checkered Flag Audi a so called reputable dealership. I found out that the car was not service prior to me purchasing it. That explains the problems during my test drive which the manager (Alan) assured me that everything would be taking care of( the problems would be minor). I guess they need to make the quota for the month at my expense. My car has been in the shop on every major holiday, except for Thanksgiving. We cant take it out of town because it will not make the trip. I bought this car for my wife, and I dont ever want to see her stuck on the side of the busy interstate again. Im paying car payments on a car that I dont have, more important; the car wont live passed the loan amount. I only have a year left on my warranty, and I fear that I will be stuck with an unusable car because you sold me a bad product. Checkered Flag Audi should be ashamed to sell such a poor product. I purchased my car from your dealership because I wanted a quality used car from a reputable establishment. This is not the case. I believe Ive been very patient and cooperative in this matter, but enough is enough. Ive left many messages for Alan and my calls have not been returned. I will be seeking legal counsel or better yet 10 on Your Side to expose the type of dealership that I purchased my car from. I can be reached at (((REDACTED))) Darryl and Jette

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