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Published: 13 October 2022

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SCOTTSDALE AZ POLICE DEPARTMENT AND DUE PROCESS AND YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS In 2008, I was being harassed by several neighbors because I didnt party with them. The situation escalated to blasting stereos, door slamming, loud parties etc., in two units on each side of me. For the majority of the time I was 100 miles away working on my moms house and taking care of my mom who was with me off and on due to her loss of memory. When I stayed home to rest up, I was dealing with disrespectful neighbors who had just moved in or lived there for a short time. These are apartments converted to condos, so some owners rented out their units and didnt really care who paid their mortgage. This would go on all night and beginning at 5:00 pm and sometimes during the day. It rarely stopped. I was dealing with a sick mother and illnesses of my own and no sleep made it made my life very difficult. I have never lived anywhere where I didnt get along with everyone around me, so this was new for me. Oh bye way, the neighbor to the left partied with people he meet at the swimming pool so they were from around the community. HOA ignored my complaints and made my life hell. I called the Scottsdale, AZ police department when I never got any sleep, it took hours before they responded to my call and when they finally arrived and the tenants saw them outside, all stereos went down or off, and no noise. As far as the Police department was concerned I had nothing better to do than call the police officers out to talk to these individuals, however according to the Police Dept. They couldnt bother the offenders since they didnt hear or see anything going on. This went on month after month and when I couldnt handle it anymore I would call the police department in hopes they would do something. They finally did talk to the all the neighbors involved and of course they all played sweet and innocent and claimed none of it was true. I had lived there for years and didnt feel good enough to pack up and move. However, I was looking for another place to move. A friend of mine suggested I file harassment charges on all of them in superior court, this was not an easy procedure but never the less, I did get in front of a judge and I gave them times and dates and unit numbers. The judge ruled in my favor and the tenants were served it would be in effect for 1 year. One tenant challenged me in the city court but the judge upheld the Superior Judges order. They moved out shortly after that. Moving forward to 2010, new tenants and same thing and the owners told the tenants what I had done before and to ignore me if I requested they turn their stereos down etc., once again I called the police department and they threatened me by saying if I continued to call them they would arrest me. Unbelievable, do any of you believe this crap? I said, what am I suppose to do? They basically told me they didnt care, if my life is threatened I could call them. Well, I called a couple of times after that visit because people where banging on my front door late at night and throwing things at my windows, in addition, pictures fell off living room walls and broke and glass all over the floor, when the police officers arrived around midnight, I showed them the broken glass and all the pictures that came off the wall with the banging on my wall and slamming doors. They spoke to the neighbor and he said I was banging on the wall, of course that didnt happen as I knew that wasnt going to help. The officers did nothing, of course I wasnt surprised as they dont do anything except homicide or car accidents, they are worthless. Hoping HOA would do something, I ask them to help and they too ignored me. In fact, after I complained to HOA, they blocked my parking spot, refused to give me a key to the swimming pool, and would put stickers on my car stating I wasnt allowed to park where ever I could find a spot. They claimed the HOA fees werent paid so I contacted the owners and they assured me they were up to date. Even after proving HOA fees were paid the block on my parking spot remained and neighbors I didnt know started harassing while going to the garbage can. I found out later, HOA had been visiting and discussing residents with other residents. OMG Really? I told the police department I was told to call them, I would show them pictures with broken glass lying on the floor after falling on the floor from slamming doors and loud music, and they said well talk to them. Low and behold nothing was done. I continued to look at new places to move all of 2009, however I couldnt find anything affordable or in my price range. The places I was interested in needed to rent now and couldnt wait for my 30 day notice, it was a vicious circle. If you dont give a 30 day notice, the tenant forfeits their deposit and mine was $600.00. In approximately Feb or Mar 2010, the police officers came to my door early afternoon and told me they needed me to come to the police station and talk to them and I said about what? They gave me no answer and I said, today isnt a good day for me as I hadnt had any sleep and wasnt feeling good. Can we make it later in the week, they said no and I said am I under arrest for something and they said no. They out right lied! I walked out with them, and before we got to the patrol car they handcuffed me and booked me in the city jail for harassing the police department. I said, what? You have to be kidding me. I spent the night in a freezing I filthy jail cell with you girls with DUIs, child abuse and other misdemeanors. I have never been in trouble in my life as I follow the letter of the law. They had something like 10 harassment charges on me and false reporting, in addition they had the individuals who harassed me file complaints and HOA, and I hired an attorney. All except one charge was dropped and I was put on probation. All this for asking for help and asking for my civil rights, according to Arizona laws, every person is entitled to peace and quit in their own place and time day or night. Right, that is a joke! I moved away early January of 2010, and love where I live. No problems what so ever and higher class of people who work more then they play. I know all my neighbors and we watch out for each other. IF YOU, FOLLOW THE LAW OF THE LAND AND YOUR LAW ABIDDING CITIZEN, REMEMBER YOU HAVE NO CIVIL RIGHTS, AND YOU CANNOT TRUST POLICE, COURTS, OR MOST THE JUDGES, TO DO RIGHT BY YOU. BE CAREFUL!

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