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Published: 28 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This incident occured at the Cheyenne Freightliner in Wyoming, although over 13 years there have been other incidents like this and most owner operators can attestto this. I have already made a formal complaint with the attorny general, and I encourage all victims of incidences like this to do the same. There needs to be laws regarding this and an easier way to fight this . If enough people started filing it would no longer be one word against another but one word against hundreds – and maybe these dealerships will come up with a solution to stop these practices. Of course, I do not want to clump every dealership in there because there are many that are very competent, fix your truck, you pay for it ( which sucks anywaybut what do you do) but then you are on your way. On Monday, March 19 2007, my truck was sputtering and I put it into the shop. After the initial troubleshooting they claimed it was a coolerplate behind the ecm, and needed to be replaced. The original quote was typed up and I ok’d it. The part was replaced, but it did not resolve the problem, in fact now the truck is smoking- which it had not done before. So on Thursday, they put a second mechanic on it. He spent all the time troubleshooting , running the same tests because as he said “he has to see for himself” , and the end result was he retightened a fitting – which supposively according to their own paperwork was done already under the first time. This resulted in approxiamately 500 more in labor – which we were forced to pay. This still did not resolve the problem and the truck is still broke down. In Febuary we had just spent 17000 rebuilding the engine, and this is under warranty, supposively a nationwide warranty. We contacted the Freightliner dealership who originally rebuilt the engine and have said that they will pay for any engine costs, and that the first things they should have checked was the warranty items. The Cheyenne dealership said on Thursday night – ( 3/22/2007 ) they will start replacing and working on those in the morning. Now it is Friday morning, and i am told that I will have to pay for more troubleshooting. Not to mention the stress of this situation, the cost, and the loss of revenue- (by the time all said and done this is probably costing me close to 10000 or better, ) it seems to me that they have purposefully skirted the warranty items to get as much out of this as possible, they have double charged me for the work performed ( which their own bill states ) when it should have been done right the first time, and now want me to okay them to charge for more troubleshooting. I do not feel as if they are looking at the most obvious reasons because it is under warranty, we have contacted all who we can contact, it is still broke, I am going to be responsible for paying 5000 for someone to come pick up my load, I am self employed and unless this truck is moving, there is no income, and I have 8 children and a wife to support andare about to lose everything. I understand having to pay for the part they fixed, even though that did not solve the problem. I am having a major problem with having to pay for the same work twice, from the same dealership, and I believe that if they have laws protecting them by holding your truck, there ought to be laws that require them from charging you twice and faulty or incompetent workmanship. The truck is still broke, and we have nowhere else to turn even though the problems are more than likely under warranty. We just paid an extra 1000 dollars in troubleshooting and they still couldnt figure it out, because it is a blatant refusal to find anything and honor a warranty. I have nowhere else to turn, this has become a common practice which need laws regulating it ( I am sure I can stand at truck stop asking for stories and get plenty ) , and after 13 years of dealing with this, it is tireing. This has not been the first occurence, the first at this dealership yes, but because it is usually one word against another, because they feel you are just trying to get over on the dealership, and because there are not that many options for getting your truck fixed ( you are at the mercy of wherever you are ) these dealerships feel they can do this. I do not have a problem with paying for repairs- if it gets you on the road and going so you can pay for the repairs. I have a problem with paying for things that do not solve the problem, getting charged twice for the same things from the same place because well they can do it, listening to other horror stories like this and having nowehere to turn. The problem is everyone says – well they are independent business, not worth our time or nothing we can do from FTL help. Well it is worth my time now as I have nothing left to lose, it is gone. The cost of business for us is well breakdowns occur, you pay for it – the cost of business for them should be if you are having problems with competency then well you eat the cost, youdont double charge the customer. Maybe it is the way they pay the mechanics I do not know, but the system they currently have in place, I believe leads to deceptive charges, overbilling, and what amounts to fraud and unethical business practices. Laura Alton, IllinoisU.S.A.

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