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Published: 19 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: child support servivesMcDonough fraud, refusal to discuss case, refusal to respond, , extremely rude, unscrupulous, harassment. mcdonough Georgia!!

My complaints are multifacete with child support services and the intake division. My first grievance is in 2007 I made a immediate transition from one employer to another leaving first employer on a friday and beging work for a current employer the following monday. I notified child support services in writing on monday my first day of employment of my transition with case number, address and name of current employer. Also address of previous employer and departure date. I then called child supports call center requesting a deduction order to fax to current employerhr department to establish immediate payroll deductions. On my second week of employment regular weekly deduction in the ordered sum was carried out weekly with out disruption. How ever my former emplyer made a error and continued to pay weekly support payments for 5 months after my departure. I recieved notice in mail on the 7 th month of former employers error, they hired a attorney and demanded there money back. Second part of the notice was intent to raise my support payment and use extra percentage to pay back former emplayer. Keep in mind my x wife recieved duplicate payments for 5 months however child support services still ciezed extra income from me to pay back former employer. In this process I was put in a arrears for those five months my x wife recieved duplicat payments. Extra earnings were seized from weekly earnings. I took off work and made 4 appearance to child support services each time requested to speak with case agent, supervisor or assistant DA and was refused, belittled and spoken to like a dog. Requested to leave a message all 4 times, never a responce. Called the call center and waited no less than a hour and a half 6 times, I was told they could not help, hung up on and talked down to. Called back spoke with call center supervisor she was very pleasant and was told she would make sure a case agent called me back. No responce. Called back she said im guessing she has not responded back to you, no she has not she promised she would go over her head and make someone call back. No responce. I wrote 3 letters to my local office nor responce. Wrote the governor, no responce, wrote the federal oversight divisions of child support services, no responce. In the mean time my case agent was switched and now began the bombardment of threatning letters to suspend my license and cieze tax refund. I wrote another letter to her explaining what happend accompanied by files of my payment history, letters and complaints filed requesting a audit. Fast foward 3 years a case agent finally calls me back and explains they put me in the arrears, raised my deduction amount and taking a percentage away from my x wife to pay back former employer. Now its 2015 and they still are taking extra earning out and refuse to audit or reimburse the money ive had to pay. My second issue is with the intake division in atlanta for child support division. Upon request of child supports records I did a audit of the financials myself. I then requested from HR at current employer and previuos payment history on a spreadsheet. The payments processed into the intake division did not match either employers standard deduction. Almost half the financials entered by child supports intake division did not match either employers mandatory deduction order that was paid and processed with reciept. Where did this extra money go. I requested numerous audits from the intake management, no responce. I currently have a scheduled meeting with Gov Nathan Deal to discuss my case also I have filed a complaint with the Governors office with child support lesion and the commision. Awaiting a responce if they will investigate my case starting from 2007 to current. My license has been suspended recently using these false numbers. I had a court date I appeared but the case agent failed to appear, another case agent quoted her as saying ” I thought I had something scheduled on the docket

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