Chris Nikel Chrysler - Jeep - Dodge

Chris Nikel Chrysler - Jeep - Dodge

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Published: 19 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Finally have my chance to tell my story . I was living in Tulsa , going to Platt Collage . I had a 1994 Dodge 3/4 ton 4×4 PAYED FOR . I wanted a jeep and was able to get financing for it . I done the deal and went on my way. 45 days came and i had NO payment book . Worried about this payment , i went to the main dealership on 11th st.and went in to the customer service desk. The man there hands me an envelope addressed to Chrysler Finance . I droped my payment that day . Approx. 15 day later i was contacted at my school by a so called sheriffs deputy . Stating that i have obtained the jeep unlawfully and he need to sieze the property immediatly . I was shocked , apparently MR. Chris Nikels was unable to get a hold of me , or my Mom , or my contacts i had given him [the so called deputy said ] and Mr. Nikel wanted HIS jeep back or he was going to report it stolen that day . Young and unsure , this was suppose to be a law enforcement officer . I did not know until later that the “OFFICER” was in fact the repo guy his self. I feel like i have been really done wrong over this whole thing . Needless to say Mr. Chris Nikel got my Dodge Worth $15,000 “payed for” , My Jeep , and had the nerve to send me a letter requesting more money because my dodge did not bring enough money to cover what was left owed on the jeep . I know the statchute have ran out on this , but i just want the public to beware of this man and his nasty tactics. I have since wrote off the tramendous loss and have made a great life for myself in Las Vegas. And Chris , I am a firm believer in CARMA , God Bless your Soul !! Cliff Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.

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