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Published: 26 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

CHROME juan treminio + family RIP OFF!!!! HE SELLS BUMPERS AT SWAP MEETS FROM SAN DIEGO TO ARIZONA, RIPPED OFF PEOPLE EVEN TO FLORIDA CHECK OFF THE REPORTS FILED AGAINST HIM HIS BUSINESS( IS OUT OF HIS HOUSE, USING A CELL PHONE ,SELLING TIJUANNA PLATED, OR WHOEVER DOES THE CHEAPEST CROME HE CAN FIND.. CHROME BUMPERS… HE DOES NOT HAVE A CHROME SHOP!! TALKED WITH OTHER CHROME SHOPS FROM LOS ANGELES, POMONA ,HUNNINGPARK,ETC AREA AND THEY HAVE SAID HE OWES THEM MONEY AND THAT HE AND HIS FAMILY ARE CON ARTISTS he has 20687 amar re #2 274 walnut ca 91789 AS HIS BUSINESS not!!! that is a ups post office box! not a his business suite 2 as he has it on his cards! he also used or still uses 17360 colima rd # 167 rowland heights ca91748 ( ups / fed x box also ) he has that as his address on his and his wifes driver license phone#s 323- 515- 5107, 626- 941-4133 his ca license # is c3677763 he drives and sets up with a marronish 4 door dodge truck 7×03506 or 21206b1 and now a small white enclosed trailer —————-last september 29 2012 he came to my house. ———— he has this speal that he does tripple plating and gets it done fast. I gave him 26 55-57 chevy bumpers( a few truck bumpers and a bronco bumper). in lew of payment for the TRIPPLE PLATING of a 1958 buick front and rear bumper complete and a 1940 ford coe bumper, also he was to powdercoat the buick brackets in with all the used bumpers were some brackets that were to be returned to me along with a 63 licence plate and the buick license plate light that was on the rear bumper well as you all know by now. this guy is a con man. EVERY WORD OUT OF HIS MOUTH IS A LIE!!! he doesnt answer his phone, when he does, its normally, the copper or chrome came out bad they have to redo it hes on his way back from florida and he has to check when he gets to the shop your email doesn work or he lost your email your address doesnt work with ups as of 9-6 2013 still dont have all my parts. the parts i do have are not tripple plated. the back is silver painted or the back of the front bumper looks like 100 year old rustcrappiest job i have ever seen have talked with the san diego sherriffs , talked with the a district attourney, talked with the prosicuter for elder abuse cases( im not old enough) if you are 65 OR OLDER call them THEY LOVE TO HANG CONMEN THAT SCREW OVER OLD PEOPLE!!!! cant go to small claims or anything because they have to serve him. u cant with his bogus address called UPS talked with fraud department they were checking on him… everything he sent had 11-13 pounds on package. they weighted 33- 45 pounds each i got tired of him not answering so i quit calling 3-25-2013 its funny he called before mamorial day 2013 said he would get me my parts.. the only reason he called was to see if i was hostal, he was already loaded up to come to san diego to the swap meet. well i saw him there, he probably had 10-15 of my bumpers ( before that he was down here with only 3-6 bumpers. he was all lies again.. still dont have my parts. IM not going to jail over a few thousands of dollars maybe with all the people he is conning out of money and their parts ,lieing to them , giving them crappy parts, it will catch up to him . im sure not all people out there are mello like me its funny also. u see where he has rebuttled some peoples complaints… how often have u checked a fraud website to see if your name / business appears . HE IS A CON, WAS RAISED THAT WAY WILL ALWAYS BE ONE WELL JUAN CONIMINO ENJOY A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS OF MINE. I WILL TURN THE OTHER CHEEK. MAY YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME SPENDING IT IN HELL!!!!

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