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Published: 22 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Clayton Homes of Anderson Clayton Homes POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Anderson South Carolina!!

Let me first start off by saying that I am not the homeowner.The homeowner is my mother. I have been with my mother from the start to the finish of this disaster. What I will say is that for now, the home that was built seems to be put together well. It looks just like the module besides the custom features that she had added. What we are unhappy about, was the way they cleared her land. There were some contract issues that caused my mother to pay an additional 2,000 on top of the 26,000 price that was quoted to her. After that issue was settled, we thought well this should be smooth sailing from here. My was that FAR from the truth. The told my mother that the home was supposed to be delivered between Nov 2 – Nov 9. Of course no home was delivered during this time frame. My mother was then told that the ware house had been backed up and they ran into issues getting the home out on time. There was once again a promise made that the home would be delivered by Wed Nov 9th. Wednesday comes and my mother calls to check on the status of her home. She was told by staff that they had not heard anything about her home and would be in contact with her as soon as they heard something. Hours go by, and they wait until around 5 pm to notify my mother that she wont be receiving her home today, due to the warehouse messing up the carpet and cutting the right amount. They then promised that the house would be here no later than Friday around 2 pm. Friday comes and goes and of course there is still NO HOME!! My mother called every hour Friday to see if the home had been delivered but every time she called they stated the home was coming from North Carolina by train and that the forest fires were causing this big delay. By the time she calls back Friday at 5:45 pm she gets the manager of this place named Ed. Ed states that he doesn’t know where the home is, and he is unsure of why someone told her that it was on its way from North Carolina, because he had no idea where it was at. He stated that someone would contact her first thing Saturday morning and have some more information. My mother was contacted by Clayton Homes and notified that her home was being sat on her land this morning. Well the first problem with this is that she was not allowed her walk through that was supposed to be done on the Clayton home site BEFORE it’s set down on her property! Me, my mother and my mothers sister arrived at Clayton Homes Saturday Nov 12 around 11:05 am. When we walked through the doors we were greeted by a black male sales associate who was very polite and attentive. He asked us how we were doing and what we were her for. My response to him was that we have had better days. He immediately knew who we were and what we came for. Apparently the office had been discussing my mothers situation. The sales person went back to a room to get Ed, and let him know that he had Mrs. McElrath waiting to speak with him. Instead of excusing himself from this couple that he was attempting to sale a home to, he continues his routine. To put the icing on the cake not only did we stand there for 15 minutes waiting for him to finish his conversation, he walks them outside and proceeds to show them homes. At this point in time I am extremely irritated at how he could be so rude! I ask the sales associate that went to get him how could he be showing homes to a couple when he has an EXISTING CUSTOMER WHO HAS ALREADY PAID 28,000 AND HAS NOT SEEN HER HOME! When he finally decides to come back in to address the situation he asks us to follow him back to a room. Throughout the whole time that we are speaking to him he seems to take on a very sarcastic tone. I had to remind him that we are in fact YOUR CUSTOMER. My mother has paid for a home that he was supposed to produce to her liking as the consumer. To make a long story short the guy had no solutions. He insist that she sees a home that is not hers so that she can be prepared for the damage that comes along with transportation of a mobile home. At this point no one wants to really see a home that is not hers, we want to see HER HOME ! After walking through the home that he wanted us to walk through, we were able to go out to see the home. He very condescendingly said that he thought he would show the home that had stairs sine hers did not. Once again he was reminded that she wouldn’t have to see her home without stairs, if they would have delivered the *** thing to the Clayton site where it was supposed to be previewed at! My mother purchased 1.8 acres of land. Only 0.5 of an acre was cleared off. The rest is woods and forest. The *** house was hanging off a cliff due to them not leveling out the land. She was supposed to have a 15 X 15 deck put on the back….Yea right. So when the deck gets here there will be no space for her to have any type of yard. She specifically told them that she wanted her house to sit back FAR AWAY from the road. That obviously didn’t happen. She literally has a driveway and a house. That’s It. What a waste of 1.8 acres! Her home has to sit to the side instead of straight like she had asked. She can’t have a round about driveway. She doesn’t even need a lawn mower unless she plans to mow trees. smh. I just pray the home holds up because if she experiences any issues that need to be addressed under warranty, it will probably be a s****.>

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