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Published: 17 December 2022

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BEWARE THAT CODE-JET.COM AKA CODEJET MARKETING SOLUTIONS IN RICHLAND HILLS TEXAS RUN BY WES LANSFORD IS A SCAM, FRADULENT, FAKE, RIP-OFF COMPANY! DO NOT PURCHASE a coding inkjet printer or any accessories from this fake company. This is why.. Our company CSS purchased an inkjet coder with accessories from Code Jet (code – jet . com) operated under Wes Lansford. We wrote the company a check in the amount of $13,944.00 on 7/17/2017 for C-360pi Pigmented touch screen ink jet coder, hugger belt, and accummulation table. CodeJet and Wes Lansford deposited the check on 7/20/2017. CodeJet promised us that our entire order including ink jet, hugger belt, and accummulation table would be shipped to us on the 24th or 25th of August, 2017. That never happened. CodeJet sent us an e-mail on 8/15/2017 telling us that the company would be in Northern California the first week of September and will try to stop by to see us even when we never requested that the company personally drive the ink jet printer himself from Richard Hills Texas all the way to Reno, Nevada when we prepaid for shipping via a shipping company. That never happened. Our company sent an e-mail to CodeJet and Wes Lansford on 8/15/2017 to ensure that we were still set to have our entire order shipped out the end of August. His response to us came on 8/24/2017 (9 days later) telling us that he is on vacation but that the printer is ready and that he would check on the vendors for the hugger belt and accumulation table on the following Monday. CodeJet sent us an e-mail dated 9/7/2017 telling us that he will no longer be visiting us and that all the equipment will be shipped to us the same week of the September 18th, 2017. That never happened. CodeJet sent us an e-mail on 9/19/2017 after his deadline, and Wes Lansford’s response was that he was at a funeral and that he would get us tracking info later that day. That never happened. CodeJet sent us an e-mail on 10/2/2017 telling us that the ink jet coder would be shipped. On 10/13/2017 we only received the ink jet coder and yellow ink expired back in January 2017. We have not received the the accumulation table or hugger belt. We contacted CodeJet and Wes Lansford as to why the huggerbelt and accummulation table was not shipped. CodeJet and Wes Lansford told us he would not be shipping to us the huggerbelt or accummulation table as he was unable to purhcase it from a vendor. CodeJet and Wes Lansford charged us for these 2 items he never shipped. We requested a refund on 10/11/2017 for the outstanding items that CodeJet and Wes Lansford did not ship. CodeJet and Wes Lansford was not willing to give us a partial refund for -2,700.50. The invoice total is $18,243.50. Our deposit check is $13,944.00. CodeJet never shipped us the equipment below: Accummulation Table @ $3.500.00 Hugger Belt Conveyor @ $3.500.00 $18,243.50 – $3.500.00 – $3.500.00 = $11,243.50 Deposit Check is $13,944.00. Refund due = $13,944.00 – $11,243.50 = -2,700.50. Code-Jet has never given us the refund as of today 10/31/2017 and has not responded to phone calls, e-mails from the Better Business Bureau, Local Police Authorities, or the Demand Letter sent by our attorney. Please beware that Wes Lansford operating under Code-Jet is a scam, fradulent, fake company, and total rip-off. Please re-post this message on other consumer warning websites to avoid others from being financially defrauded from CodeJet and Wes Lansford. CodeJet and Wes Lansford is a fake, dishonest, and deceitful company. Local and Government agencies CodeJet and Wes Lansford has been reported to include: 1. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 2. Ripoff Scams 3. Better Business Bureau 4. Richland Hills Texas Police Department 5. IC3.GOV 6. Cival Attorney 7. Collections Agency

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