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Published: 05 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Coggins Chevrolet 2006 ssr chevy pick up truck Kissimmee Florida!!

I bought a 2006ssr corvette pickup truck in 2007. my wife had someone rear end her 6k damage. we had a hardest time geting the shop to get parts from chevrolet because company went bankrup. the dealership told me that is not their problem but manufacturer problem. called manufacturer tol me that wasnt true. truck in repair shop for over a month. went to coggins dealership and told them shop can not find parts rear bumper battery cable & case etc. sevice dept. tod me their were two ssr in shop they were making up to two months payments for customers because lack of parts. I would like to know if any class action law suit has been filed in U.S. After i received truck from shop my wife said get rid of this truck if we cant get parts now we will have a problem in the future. traded truck for hhr lt. At same dealership i was outraged at what they gave me for this truck 11 months after i purchased it.I feel i been low balled on trade in and i also had 5 yr 50k warranty on veh. which was not put in effect as i was told when i owned the truck. I also purchased a 2007 ava. pick up truck lt. which i was also told i woud have a 5yr. warranty on it didnt have it. 0n 4-30-08 after i traded these two veh. in i was sent a letter from chevyrolet division that they were going two put a 5yr warranty on hhr lt. as of 4-28-08 begins with 2788. miles to 77888. miles. When i purchased hhr i had put 5 yr. 40000 miles waranty on it. The corp. cancelled my warranty and put their warranty on it and send the check to the bank. I dont want their warranty I want the money from the two waranties i Had on the 2006 & 2007 they were oringinaly gave to me since we drive so low miles a yr. David Kissimmee, FloridaU.S.A.

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