They take your money then want more with no refund

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Published: 18 December 2020

Posted by: Patricia Robb

When I was transferred money from CashApp to Coinvolte on 11/19/2020, I was told it would only be $100.00 for a trade to be made using Bitcoin Mining. But when I transferred the $100.00, Coinvolte replied they could not transfer the money since it’s required to deposit $250.00. I was not about to deposit anymore money, since money is tight, and I wanted to believe Trading Mogul, from Facebook, who said he could more than double my money within one week to almost $840.00. It sounded too good to be true, which raised a lot of red flags, so I wanted to be cautious, and figured if he’s legit, $100.00 is worth it, but I’m not adding any more.

Coinvolte looks to be owned and operated in another country, but from all I went through with the Facebook source, it leads me to believe there’s a lot being made up here or falsified with fake everything that appears to be so real. Yet who knows, till you jump in and see. So I did, but when Coinvolte said they need $154 more dollars from me to equal the $250 since they keep $6.00, I was not going to clear out my bank account to do that, so asked for a refund of the money I put in. They replied they can’t do that. There are no refunds.

My money is sitting in their account doing nothing for me, and I want it back. They have it, and not doing anything with it, so give it back to me. They said they would refund me in 14 days from the chat session I copied and pasted, because I threatened I would expose them otherwise. December 14th was the 14th day, and nothing refunded. When I contacted them again about this matter, they yanked the chat box from me, vanishing right before my eyes, and it’s no longer available to me to reach them in anyway now.

So here I am blasting the truth about them wherever I can. I’ve reported this to the FBI for Internet Crimes, as well as, and the Federal Trade Commission. The site is relatively new, and also very much of a scam. I’ve got every single bit of conversation copied and pasted onto a spreadsheet for any class action lawsuits, or other matters. It’s a shame that some people are so not trustworthy and not good for their word. How can they sleep at night taking advantage of others this way?

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