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Published: 12 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Collective Conscious Apothecary John Oliver AKA Juan Carlos Oliver, Blathnat of California DBA Collective Conscious Apothecary (CCA), California Wide Patient Group DBA CCA, Megan Oliver, Matt Ritz AKA Matt Rise AKA Shatter Brothers Unfair Labor Conditions, Fraud, Failure to pay wages, Failure to pay payroll taxes Hopland, California!!

I was employed at Collective Conscious Apothecary (CCA) as a receptionist and cleaner during the period of May 25, 2011- April 27, 2012. When i first started working there- it took my boss John Oliver over a month to get me my paycheck. From that first pay period till I had to quit due to unsafe work environment my paycheck was shorted hours. I constantly brought this to my bosses attention but he would skate around it than promise me to pay me the money I was owed. He would than give me a longer list of responsibilites that he expected to be furfilled without compensation.I remember one time begging for some of the thousands of dollars owed to me since I had a tooth infection and needed the money to pay for my tooth- he promised me to repay me but wound up taking months to only pay a fraction of his debt for my work at his collective. Just this week could I afford to get my tooth pulled WITHOUT my compensaion from CCA. During my employment at CCA- I was not given breaks for lunch or my rest periods. John Oliver would never hire enough staff to make sure our stations were covered so we were often forced to work without breaks. I could have dealt with this if I was payed over time- but he refused to do this either. I tried repeately to get the money owed to me and had the records to prove it but John told me to talk to his lawyer and sue him. I had to file a report with the labor board to have any help. I had a hearing against John Oliver along side 3 other workers that he also failed to pay. We all got our verdicts today and WON! I personally was awarded $17,167.30, together we were awarded over $57,000!!!!!! I am posting this today to warn everyone about John Oliver and his shady business practices. John Oliver doesn’t pay his employees or his vendors! He is currently being sued for his business practices. He is an expert con man that has been operating for years. Once his 4 employees filed a claim with the labor board- he tried to start a new non profit to avoid paying the debts and responsibility for the old one. Luckily the labor board explained to me that his new non profit Blathnat of California is liable since they are still operating as CCA (same location, same Director). I know many other people have had the same experiences with him so hopefully they can get what they are owed! I also hope that this informs many of his patients the true behind the scenes of Collective Conscious Apothecary!

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