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Published: 22 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Keeler Creek – Colleen MCGuire lives unsanitary and forces roommates too also ripoff Lynnwood Washington!!

This is really about my daughter. My daughter moved in with Colleen into a two bedroom apartment in Keeler Creek. At the move in the place was messy, but Colleen explained her other roommate who just moved out left some things un tidy. After my daughter was there about one month she told me she just couldn’t go back there and was staying most of the time with other friends. I didn’t realize why and she told me she couldn’t live with a dead rat in the frig and all the smell from old food, bugs and unclean people. I went with her to see the place and we took a friend. I have never smelled anything so bad in my life. A baby’s dirty diaper in your face smelled better. We got a few of her clothes, and checked her into a hotel. We phoned Colleen and explained why she was moving and also told the apartment manager. We set up a moving company and went into the managers to sign the lease stating unsanitary living conditions. This all took place the end of September. It’s now the middle of November and Colleen informs us that she is suing my daughter for all the rest of the remaining rent, trash, cleaning, plus 1050.00 for a Rent buyout etc. Nothing was ever received by us, and yes they had our addresses and phone numbers. So, Colleen wants to be responsible for nothing and my daughter for everything. We havent received any notice or rent cleaning or buyouts. So, please advise Who is responsible? Colleen moved out the same week that my daughter did. Come to find out, Colleen lost her first two roommates for the same reason BEING DIRTY Should we counter sue? Who is liable for all the dirt trash etc The small claims amount she wants is 2500.00 Kathy redmond, WashingtonU.S.A.

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