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Published: 20 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Commonwealth Distributors Selling speakers from van Noth Vancouver British Columbia!!

Hello: There have been many reports of people selling low end speakers from van’s in the lower mainland of British Columbia. There are usually two young Caucasians driving a van around who will excitedly approach you and tell you about how they have some extra speakers to sell. They will show you unopened boxes of speakers with invalid MSRP values on the box. They are not stickers but fraudulent print on the box. They will also show you magazines with product info and high prices. The usual MO is that they are delivery men and have extra equipment they want to sell. The equipment they are selling is of very poor quality and usually doesn’t even work. Some name brands include Kirsch and Genesis (very poor quality items). The company they are representing is Commonwealth Distributors. Owner: Andrew RADFORD (go see him in person if you can.. ie make a scene in the business till you get your money back. Or cause the same amount of damage to their business as you lost during your purchase) You can try to contact RADFORD in the hopes to get your money back. Some of the names of their “delivery”” drivers: – Brian McMULLIN – Reece GRIFFIN – Myles POMFRET – Jordan FLEISHER Other Ripoff Scamss for this company: /Electronic-Manufacturers/Commonwealth-Distrib/commonwealth-distributors-whit-AAX7E.htm If you have been a victim of this company please send me an email with the details of your encounter. I am compiling information to base legal action. My email: (((ROR REDACTED))) Nomaam vancouver

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