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Published: 30 September 2022

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April of 2008, I purchased a Compaq Presario Notebook PC A913NR at Best Buy in Emeryville California. According to the box advertisement, the florr help and information I could find on the internet, this was a competent computer – not a fireburning gaming laptop, but supposedly it was good enough to do most multimedia work. What I found out in July of that year was that the graphic processor had a major flaw – it could not process basic Direct3d instructions that processors years ago could easily perform. Therefore I could not run the simplest of games or any programs that required Direct3d. This also includes low-grade performance of Windows Aero, which also relies on Direct3d. After testing it on games which incorporated Direct3d, from old, to fairly recent, to new, over and over again the processor failed to perform. By contrast, Opengl worked just fine, and I have ran fairly recent games that used Opengl without a hitch. I first contacted Intel about this issue, and they told me it isn’t their problem – they ADMITTED, even on their webiste, that the processor is not up to par, and is incompatible with many Direct3d applications – but they would not lift a finger to help correct the issue. I went to HP and they told me “it isn’t a gaming laptop”” and that they wouldn’t do anything but check it out and give me the same model back

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