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Published: 30 November 2022

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Report Filed: contractor doctors Aragon constructionWillim failure to complete job, poor workmanship Rowlett Tx rowlett TX!!

From: James & Carla Quinn (((REDACTED))) Princeton Tx (((REDACTED))) (((REDACTED))) (Jim) (((REDACTED))) (Carla) RE: Contractor Doctors (William I. Martin & J.D. Scott) In September 2016 we used a computer service (Thumbtack) to find a siding contractor. The bids were virtually identical and we were assured by WI Martin of Contractor Doctors that their employees were specially trained and certified to work with hardieboard and thus could offer a better warranty that would be honored by Hardiebord itself in case of problems arising later. Installation of two new wall air conditioners was to be included in the project. The upstairs AC was installed properly. The down stairs AC had to wait until the manufacturer would replace a broken part. The written estimate included $170 to dispose of the old air conditioners which were finally salvaged by scrap metal recyclers from the scrap pile that still sits in front of our home. Contractor Doctorsu2019 arrival was delayed for a week as Mr. Martin claimed not to be able to find a dumpster to store and haul the debris from the old siding. Finally he said they would send a crew, pile the debris and haul it out later by trailer. Work commenced. We were impressed with the skill of the carpenters they sent. Some structural problems were found under the siding and corrected, necessarily (and perhaps reasonably) raising the cost by almost 90%. Work proceeded at a reasonable pace with crews arriving daily and doing a professional job. It was at this point that Thumbtack requested a review of the contractor and I complied. Insulation had to be replaced and thatu2019s when things started to get a little strange. It seemed odd that they had to use our ladders and even rent one from a neighbor rather than using their own. They also needed to use our rakes and shovels to clear old insulation from the yard. Then Mr.u2019s Martin and Scott insisted we should pay for their supply purchases (e.g., R13 insulation, hardieboard saw blades, additional hardieboard, etc.) on our credit card. We were confused but went along to speed the project. We trusted Martin and Scott at that point. Several such purchases were made, mainly by their crew chief, with Home Depot phoning me for payment info. When pressed for an explanation Scott said we could itemize those costs and save on taxes. We replied that we didnu2019t itemize and thus it was of no use to us. At least $3000 was charged to my credit card as a result. Then the painting and finishing out process began. We were told that Mr. Martinu2019s partner, JD Scott, had u201cforgottenu201d to include the costs of painting in the original estimate and that that would cost us another $5000. We were quite taken aback at both the oversight and the amount of the additional cost but went along to expedite the project and because we assumed that the quality of the people, equipment and work or the painting would be equivalent to that of the carpenters. Instead of painters, one of the carpenters arrived with a laborer. Many pieces of trim with left unpainted or partially painted and the caulking was poorly done in places, lacking in others. The Gutter downspouts (less than 1 year old) were reinstalled improperly. One incorrectly run downspout caused significant erosion at the foundation of the house during the last rain. Another would do so as well if we had not placed some scarp flashing under it to divert water. These were professionally installed custom gutters, but were refitted to the house in a sloppy manner, with several pieces left over that we later found out by our shed. Overall the paint job was shoddy also. I have Parkinsonu2019s disease and thus cannot climb to the second floor safely to repair their oversights. The downstairs AC was mounted once it was fixed but at such a slant that it could not be operated. We propped it up with a 2×4 and asked Contractor Doctors to fix it. While it was clear that several more days of work were needed to finish the project, Mr. Scott arrived to pick up the crew one day and asked us to pay him the balance of the job so he would not have to make the drive to our rural home or trust an employee with a large check ($15,000). This seemed VERY unusual but we gave him a check dated for Thursday on that Tuesday evening. No one showed up the next day to work the job. Martin and Scott assured us that tomorrow we would have a crew. No crew the next day either. Now we were alarmed and put a hold on the check, Martin called very upset that would hurt their reputation with their bank and persuaded us (my wife) to release the funds. Once cashed we were informed that hauling off the debris would cost an additional $1500 because it was not specified in the 4 line estimate they provided for the job. Martin promised an itemized accounting of what we paid for and how our credit card purchases were deducted from the total. That accounting was never provided, the job remains unfinished and we will have to hare other craftsmen to install the AC, reinstall the east wall lighting and fix the gutters. Our residential waste disposal company has said they would haul off the debris for $2-300 depending on final weight. We now have good hardieboard siding with a shoddy paint job, messed up gutters, outdoor lighting that was never reattached and must pay for the AC installation, gutters and debris hauling a second time, I attach pictures of the erosion caused by heir gutter job and a picture of how that gutter ran priori to their work. In addition I have sample pictures and the paint job and expect to soon have a bill for reinstalling the AC to substantiate that claim. In sum I am asking that my positive review be at least removed from your website so we will not be complicit in luring others to deal with these men. Frankly, I would prefer to post this narrative in its place and change my numerical rating. . Thank you for reviewing this unhappy situation.

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