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COSTCO Tires Greenville SC Review

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Published: 10 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: COSTCO Tires Greenville SC Bait and Switch Tire Set Purchase Greenville South Carolina!!

I Purchased Michelin 90,000 mile tire set for my Prius in early 2016. They installed them in February 2017. I noticed a drop in milage on the Prius and went back to the COSTCO te get an adjustment on the tires. They didn’t offer much. I called Michelin and they sent me to a Tire place in Travelers Rest to evaluate my tires for them. I shwed them the COSTCO paperwork showing the tires they installed. They looked at the tires and told me they were the wrong Michelin tires only good to 60,000 miles. Michelin said they have no control over which tires they install and that was my problem. I went back to COSTCO Tires they checked my installation paperwor and identified the serial numbers they installed. They validated the same serial numbers when I did my tire rotation. He confirmed that the tires I had on my car now did not match his serial numbers and that was my problem. The tire manager said someone must have switched your tires. I taled to the toyota manager about what happened and asked if it was possible to put the wrong tires on the car. He said no and that if someone did then the tire inflation sensors would have to be reset at the dealer. In September 2017 I went walmart to rotate the tires and they said I didn’t have enough tread. So after 22,000 miles my tires are no good. No help from COSTCO Tires or from Michelin. It looks like colusion between Michelin and COSTCO Tires to dump poor tires on the unknowing consumer. If I hadn’t seen the milage drop on the Prius I would never been wiser, The COSTCO Tire manager lied to my face knowing there was nothing I could do.

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