Court Officials / Washburn Co. Child Support Agency

Court Officials / Washburn Co. Child Support Agency Review

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Published: 18 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Court Officials / Washburn Co. Child Support Agency Eugene D. Harrington, Andrew S. Lawton, Kelly Swan, Sharon Kindle, Kim Galan Court Officials, & Washburn Co. Child Support Corruption Shell Lake Wisconsin!!

The documented conduct of the Washburn Wisconsin County Court Officials in cooperation with the County’s Child Support Services (CSA) have and continues to commit act of corruption through their illegal collection campaign. When the Federal Government matches what they collect, dollar for dollar, then there’s your incentive for corruption. Without checks and balances, corruption thrives. The Court in this county, creates support obligations based on the Child Support staff recommendation and not eveidence. When the non-custodial parent pay his support obligation outside the Court and provided evidence of the same, in fact showed that he paid more than what was authorized, the court said, “You did not pay through the CSA and they do not have a record that you even paid. Therefore

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