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Published: 24 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: criminal legal law services total scam auburn New York!!

beware of a company calling themselves criminal legal laws services, with the phone number (315) 567-4622 they are a scam company they contacted me last friday oct 3rd saying they had an arrest warrant for me because i took out a payday loan for $400.00 and didn`t pay it back in 2012 so they were telling me i had to pay 5,700.00 or settle out of court for 874.00 and they would drop the charges against me, so i played along with them and said ok you got me now what, the first red flag was that i could hear a television in the back ground and some kids playing 2nd red flag this person spoke horrible english but that`s nothing new these days he told me in order to solve this matter i needed to go to a walmart or cvs or walgreens store and purchase a green dot money pak card but because it was 874.00 i would need to buy 2 of them at 4.95 a piece once i put money on them i was supposed to call them with the scratch off number on the back once that was completed they would call me in one hour with an reference number and then with in 24 to 48 hours they would send me the documents showing that my case was resolved im going hmm something not right here 3rd red flag he was telling me personel information about me name address etc then he asks for my zip code well duh don`t you have it he said no so i gave a fake one to see if he would catch on but he didn`t i asked him the name of the company they were representing he wouldn`t tell me he said the payday loan was for 2012 and gave me a checking account number and said it was linked to the loan well surprise surprise i didn`t have that account in 2012 then he says if i don`t pay they will take me to court and sue my and my employer and i would lose my job i told him my job has nothing to do with this loan he became angry and started yelling and cursing at me i told him to watch how he talked to me that if icould reach thru the phone i would punch his lights out any way i told him i did not have the money till monday then he said see you in court then i said but you just said i could settle this then i got pissed i said im calling a friend of mine who is a lawyer he then got angry he said if you do that the offer is cancelled i told him i have to go i have things to do that i would take care of it on monday well monday the 6th came they called me 5 times do you have the money i said no im working on it they said you have till 1pm otherwise the police will be at your door and arrest you and take you to jail i said ok so idid some checking on line and found out these bastards have been doing this for a while now so i wanted to tell you my in counter with these losers i lucked out but others might not be so lucky i would love to find these assholes i have two fists with their names on them oh and his name was charles green so he says thank you michael mpls, mn

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