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Published: 29 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Crown Toyota Of Ontario – Joe Vickers Liar, Liar, Liar! Finance charged $2000 on Warranty Plan and 6 term period instead of 5 year term without my knowledge or authorization Ontario California!!

On 08/13/2002 at Crown Toyota of Ontario, Stan Wilson-salesperson convinced me to purchase a 2001 4 Runner. I was told that the vehicle retailed for 33,100.00 but I would pay wholesale price of 28,000.00. Stan could not offer me financing terms that I would agree on so he called his manager Joe Vickers. Joe informed me that he although my credit rating was okay, no bank would finance me lower than 10.99% unless I gave a bigger down because this was my first purchase of vehicle. We negotiated a larger down payment of for a lower interest rate. The terms on the sale were purchase price was $27,999.00 at 8% interest rate for 5yrs. He took me to his office where he drew up the contract. Joe persisted repeatedly that Stan was not even going to get a commission on the sale because I was getting such a great deal there was little if any left for commission. I was about 9:00 PM when I completed signing the documents and paid the down payment. I went to the showroom to wait for the car. Vic approach Stan and I to ask whether I had insurance on the vehicle. I answered no. Joe said I could not drive the car off the lot without insurance. He said, I would have to purchase insurance before driving the car off the lot. I asked to cancel the deal and asked for my money back. Joe said he could not return it because he had put it in the vault so it wouldnt be available until the next evening. Joe asked if I could possibly call someone to borrow the money and have them drop it off. After Joe maintained that he could not return my down payment I mentioned that I had some money at home. Joe said he would rewrite the contract and throw in a warranty plan valued at $2,000.00 at no cost for all my troubles. I signed the service contract declaration statement. Joe said here is the value listed and pointed out that amount total was charged. He said that he had put in a service request for a tech to go to my home to install the alarm system and world link theft prevention feature. Stan followed me to my home in San Bernardino and I gave him $1,300.00 cash. I recently discovered that the theft protection was the $450.00 charge under cash price accessories in the finance contract. That is only the beginning of the dishonesty in this transaction. The financing term period I agreed to is instead 6 years not 5 years as I understood. On the right side of the sales contract is a box that says Service Contract below there is space for company and term mos. and miles. Joe illustrated the filled in term 60 Mos. as being the finance term period and signed in agreement. It turns out that the service contract is for the warranty plan that he supposedly threw in at no charge cost me $2,000 with interest! In 2005 I was charged labor and parts and was told I did not have warranty when my car needed service on a problem it had since I purchased it. I called customer service to verify the matter. The representative took the information and said he would submit a claim. I was never contacted regarding the issue nor did I follow up on it because I thought I did not pay for it. Joe never disclosed that I was buying a service contract for $2,000! In reality, I would have not purchased it if it were offered to me. These business practices are in infringement and violate the rights of the consumer. It is clear to me that the acts were made knowingly and with intention to cheat me. Martie San Bernardino, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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