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Published: 12 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: CUFF CUFF Smart Jewelry Never provided product. Delayed shipment for 17 months. Internet!!

Item was ‘pre-ordered’ in November 2014, set to ship in March 2015. No delivery and no notification of why. I contacted customer support and they said to expect it in June 2015 because of delays. In June when it never showed up I was told to expect it in September 2015. It is now October 2015 and still no cuff. Had to inquire once again as to the reason why. The response I got was: We know youu2019ve been waiting for your CUFF for quite a while and I personally apologize for the frustration we have caused. Thank you for your patience. We have an update and some choices for you. We are beginning to ship the next batch of CUFFs in mid-October. This CUFF includes the following features: Safety: Press your CUFF and discreetly send an alert (including your location) to your selected friends and family if you are in an emergency. Notifications: If your most important people need to get a hold of you, they can make your CUFF buzz. Peace of Mind: The CUFF has an internal battery that will last up to a year depending on how often you use it. This means you can stay safe and notified without worrying about ever charging your CUFF. If for any reason your CUFF stops working before the year is up, we’ll send you a new one, free of charge. We know that some of you ordered a CUFF expecting that it would also include fitness functionality, a rechargeable battery, and a jewelry box. While we are working hard to add these features, unfortunately, we are not there yet. The next version of CUFF, including these features, will be available in April of next year. We want you to be thrilled with CUFF, now and in the future, so we are offering you a choice of what youu2019d like to receive. PLEASE SELECT FROM THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS: 1) Receive the current CUFF. Our first CUFF offering keeps you safe and notified. As early believers in our company, we’d love you to be among the first to use our product. As thanks for your support and understanding, we are offering you a 15% refund on your order (returned to the credit card you used to purchase). Weu2019ll also send you a coupon for 20% off the next version of CUFF. It will have more features and will work with the jewelry you already have. Expected ship date: Mid-October – November 2015 2) Wait for CUFF with fitness. You’ll receive the jewelry and jewelry box you ordered, plus a CUFF that includes fitness tracking, a rechargeable battery, and more. Expected ship date: April 2016 Please click here to select your choice. Thank you, again. At the risk of being sentimental, I want to tell you how incredible it has been to start a brand new company and have such interest from all of you. I hope to never be late in delivering your products again. We are always happy to answer any and every question you have. My best, Deepa Founder and CEO Not only is it another delay but if I don’t want to wait an extra 6 months to get the product I ordered then I have to settle for a sub-par version that I would have never purchased. A rechargeable battery is what made it convenient. The creator of Cuff has used every single customer essentially as an interest-free bank to her advantage. She should have signed up for The products still are not developed, yet they keep taking orders and lying about when to expect the device. This may be the first type of product of it’s kind but it already is not the best, there will be many other manufacturers who come in and wipe this company off the map with actual products that work as advertised. Beware and save your money and wait for a real tech company to market the same device…..since you will be waiting indefinitely for a Cuff anyway

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