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Published: 10 October 2022

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DESTINY ARTURET AND HER MOM CONNIE ARTURET WERE IN A REPORTED CRIMINAL HIT AND RUN IN A BLACK MERCEDES ON 501 IN CONWAY, SC. With her education, Destiny Arturet should know better than to commit such a violent crime as a hit and run while HER OWN MOTHER was drunk driving. At Master’s struip club in Myrtle Beach, Destiny Arturet claimed to have a better body than the strippers and that she should have been a stripper to make the money she thought she deserved. Destiny supports her mom’s criminal behaviors: Connie M. Arturet is abusing her authority as a Remax broker/agent to illegally steal her own client’s personal property and unlawfully confiscate, keep and sell the property of her own clients for her own illegal personal financial gain.THIS IS A SERIOUS LEGAL ISSUE ABOUT A CRIMINAL REMAX BROKER/AGENT FRAUD NAMED CONNIE ARTURET (REMAX LLC BROKER AGENT)IS ILLEGALLY USING THE REMAX COMPANY AUTHORITY TO COMMIT DAILY CRIMES . IF YOU ALSO HAVE BEEN VIOLATED BY CONNIE ARTURET, PLEASE JOINTHE CLASS ACTIION LAWSUIT WEBSITE IS Please visit the website today to add your claim.The following information is currently being investigated with the South Carolina District Attorney’s Office, the Coastal Carolina Association of Realtors of Conway/Myrtle Beach, and all necessary authorities. Any and all of Ms. Arturet’s clients and prospects will be informed of her illegal activities and misbehavior. Her clientele, home owners, buyers and sellers who have already contacted our firm will also be kept informed of this class action lawsuit in progress.The following facts and truths are retold from firsthand experience from many Witnesses who directly and personally witnessed her illegal misbehaviors. We need to alert you as the presiding agency, to the unlawful misbehavior of one of your broker/agents in your Re/Max office in Conway, SC. Against the Codes and Ethics of Realtors and Brokers, this factual information will be brought to all affected and concerned individuals of her crimes. Ms. Connie M. Aruret is abusing her authority as a Remax broker/agent to illegally steal her own client’s personal property and unlawfully confiscate, keep and sell the property of her own clients for her own illegal personal financial gain. The property that we have pictures of and proof of that she individually stole is not listed on any contract invoices or any paperwork…however it IS now listed on Crsigslist for sale from her. She criminally returned to the homes numerous times, with a validated witness, to illegally steal the non-listed inventory from her listed houses for sale of over 7 known Remax clients from the Conway sales office (she was fraudulently representing to Remax as taking proper custodianship of this property). Ms. Arturet served in the army as a Staff Sargeant for 12 years and has obtained an AK47 that was shown to the witness and she boasted to him that is fully automatic. She keeps a box of shells that was outlawed over twenty years ago at her home. She told the primary witness that the bullets have exploiding titanium tips and that she just acquired an M-16 that she took on her recent trip to PA on a family reunion and she would soon make that fully automatic as well. The witness asked if she had a gun permit, but she only laughed. She has repeatedly threatened to kill the witness if he ever told anyone aboiut her illegal activities. Ms. Arturet drinks heavily daily and was recently in a late night accident (with her daughter in the passenger seat) when she was coming home drunk from a bar on 501. She drove off from the scene of the accident – illegally as a hit and run crime – knowing she would be charged with DUI and more. However she simply drove home, then she called her police lover in Conway (whom she frequently has sexual relations with) to ask him how she could possible weasal out of this trouble. Her Police lover said for her to get a drink and have it with her then say she left because she was scared. He also stated it would be another officer investigating her because he did not work in that area.Ms. Arturet states she can get out of any trouble she ever gets into and she can also lie to get anyone else into trouble if she disapproves of or dislikes them in Conway. She stated she had sex with this officer in someone else’s house she was showing him to buy, while his wife/girlfriend was at work.She says she now has the best blackmail position against the Conway Authorities in the world!The primary witness stated that he witnessed over 8 telephone calls in five months from multiple neighbors, owners, sellers and buyers at these homes who have called Ms. Arturet directly to complain about the unlawful removal of their personal property. Her unusual reaction to these calls was to admit that the stolen property she was taking was not on the invoices of the contract and yet she repeatedly tried to manipulate her clients into believing what she was doing was normal and acceptable. It is NOT. The stolen property was not listed on the real estate invoice or contract, so she told the witnesses many times that her actual deviant plan was to turn her stolen property into personal profit by selling it on Craigslist or furnishing her and friends homes. She told the witnesses that she has never had to buy any furniture because she has a way to always get it for free. Each and all of her listings have been recorded. The most disgusting and absurd fact from the misbehavior of criminal broker/agent Connie Arturet, that has been recorded and documented both by photos and videos, is that she had sex with the witness in more than seven of her listed properties on the beds, floors, kitchen counters, children’s beds of her client’s homes. She said it “turned her on”” and she called them “”nooners”” to be able to have sex in someone else’s home. She also boasted to witnesses frequently that she had provided a certain special “”closing benefit”” to clients where she would open their new home and proceed to consummate their contract with sexual favors. Her local reputation stands that she will have sex with any client just to close a sale

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