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Published: 16 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Destiny Auto World Rich refuse to refund down payment dallas Texas!!

Destiny auto world was preparing to sell a vehicle to myself through quality assurance fiancing, their salesman Rich accepted our $1000.00 down payment, $800.00 in cash and $200.00 through a bank transfer and the finace company sent back the contract and denied the loan because of an insurance issue, We met with Rich to resign paperwork now that i was covered on the insurance policy on September 12th and had already fixed the issue with the insurance and he took the vehicle(with our property inside) and left us stranded in Dallas without any notice or warning as to why he was taking it, i wanted him to look at a problem with the speakers and he took off in the vehicle then proceeded to send me a text message afterwards saying the vehicle was being repossed for no insurance, we originally met with Rich on August 31st 2014 at a FedEx Kinkos location to sign the paperwork and give him the down payment, that day we gave him $800.00 in cash and he said we could take the vehicle home with us since we showed him proof of insurance with my girlfriend on the policy as a driver and the vehicle listed, which at the time he said was ok. but later on we were told that Blake was required on the policy, so after Rich taking the vehicle with no notice or warning we contacted him and set up a time to get our possessions out of the vehicle and for him to return our down payment since the contract was never finalized and nothing was sold to us and he refused to give our thousand dollars back, also during the time we had the car we had to purchase a new battery for $116.00 and a used tire for $25.00, when he returned our property he failed to return any of the paperwork that was left inside the glove box which included insurance cards and the reciept for the battery

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