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Published: 23 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Don Baskin Truck Sales, LLC BUYERS BEWARE! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OR DO BUSINESS WITH DON BASKIN TRUCK SALES as they are not trustworthy! Covington Tennessee!!

BUYERS BEWARE! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OR DO BUSINESS WITH DON BASKIN TRUCK SALES as they are not trustworthy! We worked with Lance in the Baskin sales department to purchase a 2004 Pete chassis that he told us ran great and was in very good overall condition. We agreed over the phone to a price of $20,000 for the Chassis which was $2,000 off their asking price of $22,000. Lance called our accounting to setup payment details and reneged on the agreed upon price, saying that they needed the asking price instead. We renegotiated and they said the best they could do was $21,500, which we agreed. After traveling the 1500 mile roundtrip to pick up the chassis, our mechanics found multiple issues and the driver said that the chassis ran very poorly. Given that Lance (Baskin Sales) told us that the chassis was in great running condition and that they would stand behind it if there were any issues, we called them immediately (within a few days of purchase). Lance said that he needed to get his boss involved, Chuck, to get an okay to have us return the unit to Baskin for refund or trade on another chassis. We drove the 750 miles to return the chassis to their yard and were told that there would be no refund but rather it would need to be taken back in an on trade basis only. Our mechanic who drove the unit back went through Baskinu2019s immense inventory and said that most of their chassis were junk and that the ones that were decent were either overpriced or sold. After two days of combing through their inventory, our mechanic ended up finding a Sterling chassis for $17,000 that Lance (Baskin Sales) agreed to sell plus refund the balance of the $21,500 that was paid for the Pete chassis. Iu2019m not sure of the Baskin politics, but even though the new deal was agreed to by both parties, Chuck, Lanceu2019s boss, stepped back in the picture and stopped the transaction, saying that there would be no refund of the balance that was already paid. Since we already had enough of the back and forth backroom dealings that have been taking place at Baskin we agreed to trade even up, the $17,000 Sterling for the $21,500 (POS) Pete. Chuck (Baskin Sales Manager, owners son or whatever his title) declined our offer and accused our drivers, both of whom have over 20 plus years of experience driving trucks (yes, we sent two drivers taking a day and a half to get thereu2026 we babied the truck), of driving the truck at high engine rpmu2019s causing irreparable damage to the chassis. He told us that he would only give us a trade in value of $9,000 of the $21,500 that we paid just a week or so ago. In other words, Chuck was asking us to pay $17,000 + $11,500 = $28,500 for a chassis that they had listed on their lot for $17,000. Sounds like scam to me! What would you have done! I wonu2019t go into detail regarding the conversation I had with Chuck, but most of the conversation didnu2019t make a lot of sense. It was obvious that he didnu2019t care what was said and agreed upon throughout this transaction or what his salesman had promised. With Chuck involved, unfortunately, this issue was not going to be resolved amicably or in a fair minded wayu2026 and it didnu2019t. We ended up bringing the same chassis home! Lessoned learnedu2026 BUYERS BEWARE! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OR DO BUSINESS WITH DON BASKIN TRUCK SALES as they are not trustworthy!

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