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Published: 09 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Dr Dorian Hindmarsh Hethel Engineering Lying Bast*rd and Weak A** Kissing Creep. Beware of this IP Thief. Norwich, Internet!!

Dr Dorian Hindmarsh……………….Be aware, Be Very Aware of this person.I met Mr………er Dr Hindmarsh some 3 years ago with my project to develop an all electric vehicle from within the Hethel Engineering Centre in Norfolk England where I was greeted with a very confident Dr Hindmarsh who recognised that if my project was to work, I would have to move north from Sussex or at the very least make the project locate to Norfolk for the duration. This I was willing to do, it meant my wife would have to find a new job, my kids a new school and new friends and selling my home and buying a new one in Norfolk. However, the prospect of Grant Funding to support my project, a confident team of strategists and the input and technical support of Lotus a world leader in vehicle design was something too good not to accept.I was informed by Dr Dorian Hindmarsh that there was just one problem, I would have to find capitol and investment to the tune of 700k to which Dr Dorian Hindmarsh would provide by way of Grant Support some 300k to bring it all together and as he sat on the panel that makes the decission, it was a foregone conclusion………………..or so I thought !!!!!.Horror upon horror, I put my home up as security for the loan of some 500k and borrowed some 250k on a short term business loan whilst my home was being sold. This took me some 8 months to manage but a sale is a sale and at long last the cash to make my business work. Or so I thought. Mr………..er Dr Hindmarsh was now changing his story and letter of proposal, he could no longer guarantee funding support, he could no longer ( and apparently never could) guarantee support from Lotus and worse still, he could not gain the interest from the so called colleagues within Hethel Engineering as they knew him all too well as I was about to find out. After meeting with some of the members of Hethel Engineering outside of work time I was to find out I was not the first to hear the stories of success from Mr…..er Dr Hindmarsh, apparently Mr Hindmarsh loves himself so much that he will tell you anything to keep the charade going forward in order to make himself look good. At the end of the day, so long as he’s got his job he cares not one jot.To date, I am unemployed. My family are homeless except for the council house provided by Norfolk city council, my wife is unemployed and kids cry endlessly for their old school friends and family. All because Dr Hindmarsh is a liar and Con Man who lied to us about what he was able to provide by way of our business potential. Yes I had raised my own funding support but as Dr Hindmarsh failed to deliver upon his promise, it cost us over a 1000 per week in interest charges on our loan, and lost us all rights to the important development components of our Business “The Intellectual Property”” as he had told too many people how it worked. This meant we were unable to get a Patent as despite the fact that what we developed had was unique

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