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Published: 15 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchase a truck from dynamic auto back in november 2013. Ford Excursion Eddie Bauer V10 6.8l which had about 67,500 miles on it. I traded in my Licoln town car 2003 with about 86,000 miles on it. I recieve 4,500 trade in. In my contract which i have signed by the dealer. I was recieving a 2year warranty 30,000 miles or a little more.With the 4,500 that i put down on it. 3 days after buying the truck the engine light came on. I took it back to him he claim he fix the problem, but he did not. two weeks later i get a letter in the mail stating that my truck is not under warranty. One week later i get a letter in the mail stating that the vechile mileage was incorrect.The truck been in the shop 6 months out the nine months i had it which cost me a lot of money that i did not have. Being a father two three childers is really expensive alone. long story short the truck been broke down for 3months i still been paying the payment to try to keep my credit good but i cant no longer do it anymore its really affecting my family. Engine locked up I still owe bout 9,500 on it. So they got my lincoln town car that was paid off 10,500 from the bank i finance thew. I paid 10 payments on it . now i have a truck that dont work a warranty that i never recieve that was in my contract. The vechile mileage now is about 71,000. I barely even drove it lets divide3,500 / 10months =350miles a month. they rip me off they got the truck just to run so they could sell it then sold me dreams about a warranty and took my money and car if their any body out their that can give me information or what can be done please do. GOD BLESS

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