Earth Connection Portugal

Earth Connection Portugal

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Published: 02 January 2021

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The owners of Earth Connection Portugal were busted by the police in November 2016 for possesion of 14 kilos of home grown cannabis, LSD tablets and cannabis oil. | They still offer retreats today but people should know that the owners are on police bail pending trial. | Because of that , people might sign up for a July retreat and then lose their money. | Their names are Daniela Markert and Johannes Maasland. | There is a link to the website so that people can see the information about this retreat centre:- | | There is evidence that confirms the drug bust of cannabis by the Portugal GNR in Travanca, there are reports citing the arrest of a Dutchman and other evidence that clearly shows they were arrested. | | Text reads:- | Foram 14 quilos de cannabis, seca a pronta a consumir, que a patrulha da GNR apreendeu em Travanca de Lagos, concelho de Oliveira do Hospital. O dono da casa, um holandês de 51 anos, foi detido. Foi ainda apreendido óleo de cannabis, 34 selos de LSD, equipamento informático e material utilizado para a produção do óleo. | Translation:- | There were 14 kilos of cannabis, dry to ready to consume, that the patrol of the GNR seized in Travanca de Lagos, Oliveira do Hospital county. The owner of the house, a 51-year-old Dutchman, was detained. It also seized cannabis oil, 34 LSD seals, computer equipment and material used for oil production. | | Text:- | Um homem de 51 anos, detido em Oliveira do Hospital na posse de 14 quilos de ‘cannabis’, vai aguardar o julgamento em liberdade, disse hoje à agência Lusa uma fonte da GNR. O suspeito foi detido por elementos do Núcleo de Investigação Criminal da GNR da Lousã, na quinta-feira, na sua residência, em Travanca de Lagos, naquele concelho do distrito de Coimbra, e foi interrogado hoje no Tribunal Judicial de Oliveira do Hospital, adiantou o capitão Filipe Mendes, comandante do Destacamento Territorial da Lousã. A detenção verificou-se no âmbito de um inquérito por tráfico de drogas, que levou a uma busca domiciliária em que foram apreendidos 14 quilos de ‘cannabis’, “seca e pronta para consumo, cultivada na propriedade do suspeito”, segundo uma nota do Comando Territorial de Coimbra da GNR. Foram ainda apreendidos 30 mililitros de óleo de ‘cannabis’, 34 selos de LSD, um telemóvel, um computador portátil e um ‘tablet’, bem com material utilizado na produção daquele óleo. O arguido vai aguardar os desenvolvimentos do processo em liberdade, com a obrigação de se apresentar duas vezes por semana no posto da GNR de Oliveira do Hospital. | Translation:- | A 51-year-old man, detained in Oliveira do Hospital in possession of 14 kilograms of cannabis, will await a trial, a GNR source told Lusa news agency. The suspect was arrested by members of the Criminal Investigation Nucleus of GNR da Lousã, on Thursday, at his residence in Travanca de Lagos, in that municipality of the district of Coimbra, and was questioned today at the Judicial Court of Oliveira do Hospital, he said The captain Filipe Mendes, commander of the Territorial Detachment of Lousã. The arrest took place as part of a drug trafficking inquiry, which led to a search of 14 kilos of cannabis, “dry and ready for consumption, cultivated on the suspect’s property,” according to a note from the Territorial Command of Coimbra of GNR. Seizures of 30 milliliters of cannabis oil, 34 LSD seals, a mobile phone, a laptop and a tablet, as well as material used in the production of that oil were also seized. The defendant will await the developments of the case in freedom, with the obligation to appear twice a week at the GNR de Oliveira do Hospital. | Be careful before putting money down for a retreat because these people are in trouble.

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