ECOCAB Portland LLC Review

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Published: 16 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: ECOCAB Portland LLC Ron Knori, ECOCAB Inc Ron Knori, Eco Cab Portland OR and Liberated Energy Stole Referal Fees and Commissions Portland Oregon!!

I approached Brian Conway , CEO Liberated Energy with the hopes of introducing him to Eco Cab Portland Oregon and Ron Knori for a referall fee based on FINRA compliant finders fee on all money raised which I was promised plus stock in the company. A successful reverse merger has been completed as a result of my introductuion but I have not been paid. Ron Knori, Presiden to EcoCab Portland OR owes me over $25,000. in consultancy work and has harassed me over the telephone to a criminal extent. i have extended 100’s of hours of work in good faith on his behalf over a 24 month period. Moreover, I have demanded compensation per contracted agreements which Mr. Knori and Mr. Conway has refused to honor. Furthermore, Mr. Knori and Mr. Conway both have behaved in a highly unethical manner on several occassions by ignoring industry wide accepted broker protocol, and attempted to circumvent me with several industry professionals I solely introduced in direct violation of an NDA agreement he signed several years ago. Mr Knori not only owes me over $25,000 to date but also owes me 2% of his company per contracted agreements via email. He has ignored my demands for payment and keeps threatening bankruptcy. I am sure the courts would treat me more fairly than he has to date.

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