EEOC Atlanta District Office

EEOC Atlanta District Office Review

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Published: 01 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: EEOC Atlanta District Office Unnecessary Criminal Activity Atlanta Georgia!!

During the month of May 2013, EEOC Atlanta District Office, tried to dismiss my charge based on termination from employment. The problem with them trying to do this, is that the investigator who typed the initial charge knew that my complaint was based on pay compensation disparity and retaliatory demotion. After filing and signing that charge on December 26, 2012, some four hours after the fact (signing/filing the charge) I was discharged from employment. I made two different request to amend my charge, but was ignored by the investigator. during the month of March 2013, I amended my charge and had it date stamped by EEOC-ATDO. I then submitted that amended charge. Since EEOC-ATDO did not respond to my argument against the dismissal, I sent complaints to Higher Authorities. One of those agencies was the EEOC Office of Field Programs, who sent my complaint submitted against EEOC Atlanta to that office for response. The response which was sent to me by EEOC Atlanta, was a newly typed EEOC Form 5 with my signature generated (forged) onto it somehow under the penalty of perjury; and, the form had added information placed onto it confirming that I consented to, agreed with, and authorized, when I had not. I defaced the form with various protest in red ink,a and sent the form back to EEOC Atlanta with a letter asking “How was my name generated onto this form?”” Thus far EEOC Atlanta has refused to answer that question. I have sent several complaint letters to various Federal Agencies/Officials [IG EEOC

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