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Published: 22 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

When my husband and Divorced I moved and placed my electric soley in my name only. After three months they were calling me about his electric bill I explained we were divorced and to not call me about his bills and gave them again the correct information. three months later the same thing occured once again they were informed and assured me it would be corrected. Not convinced I phoned them the following week to ensure they corrected their incorrect records. They assured me it was corrected. This went on for one year. I even faxed them my purchase contract on my new home and a copy of my divorce decree. After one year I moved expecting them to send me a bill I contacted them and gave them my new address. They transferred my old account to my ex husbands. A month later my ex husband had my electric bill and his on one account??? We both called them wanting to speak to a manager who is never available by the way. Was able to talk to representatives only over a course of 1 month not one of them corrected the problem. The manager was left three messages about the issue and never returned a call?? Hence, finally my ex husband left work and went to the electric company asking to talk to a manager ofcourse she once again was not available. Hence I drove 200 mile from another city when they told me she would be in at 1pm. When I arrived I explained that this was a year long incident that continued to be neglected and of all the attempt to try to correct there mistake. She was defensive stating she never recieved the message. I explained please look at the notes in your system your representative have told me of my past calls. She then stated that she could not bill me unless my ex husband came and signed paperwork. I did not understand I was only asking her to bill the correct person who was myself why would there be a doubt. I showed her my house information with my name only on the deed and a copy of the divorce??? She continued to give me a hard time. Finally after me stating look I just want to pay the bill I would love for my ex husband to pay it for me but, you had no right transferring my account to his without anyones approval. She then had me sign a paper stating I was reponsible for my own electric bill. I explained to the manager that she should know her staff does not relay messages and that this issue went on for one year?? She just stated she needed proof. I know the proof was in the computer if she just would of done her job. I think that Maricopa deserves a better manager for their electric company. One that assures the right people are being billed for services.

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