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Published: 14 September 2022

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After saving up for more than a month my fiance and I set out to get a car. We ended up at elite auto in dallas on harry hines because she worked with one of the sales people that was there for a few days in december and was sure that he knew what she was looking for. when we arrived it was about 2pm so we were already pushing it as far as time went. after we found the car we wanted she ran to the bank and i went to get the full coverage insurance. we returnmed with a 1600 down payment. we were told that when the application was prosseced that they put the down payment in the amount of 1500 and that to redo it would take too much time and that if we did it that day there was a chance we wouldnt get to take the car home, or even worse itr may not approve us a second time. we agreed that we would still bring the rest of the downpayment on friday in the amount of 450 and that they could change the lease agreement then. well that friday tyhe 18th cvame and we took them the money like we promised however stupidly enough we believed them when they said that the guy that does that was gone for the day and would be back monday. we left without proff of payment. the only proff that i would be able to get on that part would be mikes and he is the salesman that sold us the car. after monday comming and going and nothing changing on the lease we decided to contact them directly to learn that what he signed that day was the deal and that it cannot be altered. they never show the true amount put down and then copntinued to ask for more money in order for them to relewase my plates and registration sticker. wse contacted the dmv that told us we could go get them ourselfs and that it would cost us only 3 bucks. durring all of this we decide to look at things closer but arent able to get our hands on what we had signed. we wanted to see how much he charged us because it was marked at aprox. 9500n and the lease says that it cost 11070. im guessing that is a number that they made up in their heasds. they also told us we have to purchase the extened warranty because of the nature of our agreemenmt. we are high risk due to our credit ansd thaqt is what made the pricwe jump on everything. while starting to deal with that issue the car just flat out broke before even having it 30 days or time for the first payment. i speak with trisha over at the bank who has been wondeful to deal with and handled us withguy will call monday and list the damage of the repaiurs’ care andconcern. i was leaving work and the car made a noise like a knocking sound and then the next thiing sounded like a bomb exploded underf the car. i paid 188 buicks to have it towed from thecolony to uptown dallas and cvalled the dealership in the morning. when i called them they said dont worry abnout a thing you have a warranty with us and you have another warranty you purchased. it was on a friday night so they told me where the car would be and said that the mechqanic wouyld be in contact mnonday. monmday came ……nothing …….tuesday nothing, so we went up to them. the guys that were working onj the car agreed that there had to have been somthing wrong with the cart when i bought it. when i checked the inspectikon report it caqme dfrom the same address as the deal;ership. now they say after having my car longer that i have and me having to just go buy another car, that i owe them, for repairs to the car and i need to pay them another 2000 before i pick up the car and that i cannot even have a copy of the invoice for the repairs until i come with the money to pay and pick it up! these people i feel are in cappable of being honest and of having a good respectable business i will have to wait to see what time will tell and if anyone knows how to help me. i filed with the dmv the occcc,the insurance companmy and the warranty compasny. i have a lawyer to use but they are threating me with sueing me for the car! i am beside myself , these people have rteally lost their mind!!!!

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