Empire Beauty School Concord NC

Empire Beauty School Concord NC Review

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Published: 29 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Empire Beauty School Concord North Carolina Ms. Ball and Tracey Thompson These empire educators should be put in their place, this school is a disaster and a waste of money $20,000 I, Internet!!

The empire education group well where must i begin, I have been told they are after peoples money that 20 thousand…what they did to me was treat me as if i had a poor attitutude about education from the start when it was exactly the opposite. Most students there were very uneducated across the board. I thought it was standard wherever you go to speak well and learn to better yourself especially in a school, no not to them not at empire. Now its not a racial issue or a class issue. They are not a good school about education whatso ever. They apply rules themselves can’t even follow and talk down to students and care less about their feelings and well-beings..from the start like being very negative blaming people and treating them unfairly. Their almost brainless…and where this is considered adult education they let them run amuck, and do what they want and when they suffer the consequences for their own actions, then whos to blame only tracy thompson or ms. ball not the 15 year old or need i say the 18-45 year old students the ages range from. that’s how pathetic the system is everyday and i feel like i can get no where and time off not even for holidays can you get it. My own personal issues there have been with 2 students they cursed me out over, a hair product one time said she was gonna slap me, over a personal dislike for me a second time and they barely dealt with that the right way they let her temper flare off..? then 2 more times with another girl for no better reasons just from general dislike im gonna slap you b***h. It’s threatening, it’s discrimination 2 things these schools say they will not tolerate and you sign when you enroll there unless you break that deal you will be kicked out! I called corporate…They are like evil empire my teachers call me every day now trying to get me to come back to school when I have refused to come back until they deal with the student appropriately..very unprofessional school. Not worth the 20 thousand. No teachers helped me deal with the girl or even talk to ms. thompson i had to deal with it all my self and if a student tried to help me another instructor staff told the girl, dont help her…they a a racially divided school…totally not worth your time.I have not seen anybody like that that acts that way anywhere in my life. The people who run the school deny their own faults they dont own up to anything, they just blame it on corporate. I would like to see them get into lots of trouble for this. I was fooled by their site, it says empire the perfect fit…They need to change their slogan, that doesn’t suit them and is soo un appropriate for them. I could get atleast 5 students in that school to say yes definately they agree with that comment but they give those kids too much trouble for speaking up against the grain..they all hate this school though I must say for kids or (adults) who have opinions and know things they know they hate bein at that school and do not get what they need from that school…who can keep improving from where they started from…? why dont they just start over..cuz its hopeless. It’s one organization I barely wish I wasn’t a part of..I can possibly further my education else where. They are not the only ones..I am not lazy either am definately willing to work at a reputable place. Thant’s all I can say about them anymore. Glad to get them out of my system. The situation with the girl who cursed at me the school denied were her fault they said they were mine..yeah!! so now I am dealing with a lot a stress and missing hours from day one when she cursed at me she should have been sent home…instead I clocked out. The school said it was my fault, and maybe said she would talk to the student. Turns out she didn’t. Ms. Ball is so out of character with her statement is a liar and i never want to look her in the face again. They have some nerve and my family is furious at that school and we have had enough!! I didn’t deserve this from the start. This school should get shut down if they can’t practice the general rules that a school needs to operate..some low lifes. I wish they just wouldn’t get to advertise the way they do on the internet. The slogan should read something a little more true to them. I even heard from people that they do only want money thats how thei organization runs..I’m like why me the internet and tv needs to ban their education is it or empire.edu is it?? I’d rather work at sally’s beauty. Mostly all of their students dont work at reputable salons that have graduated..the worst eduation ever!!!!!!

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