Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Highlands Ranch

Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Highlands Ranch Review

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Published: 06 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Highlands Ranch Unethical Business Practices from Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Highlands Ranch Highlands Ranch Colorado!!

On May 6, 2015, I called into Enterprise Rental-A-Car to reserve a rental for March 07, 2015 because I was getting audio upgrades to my car. Therefore, I requested that someone be available to deliver the rental car at the audio shop at or before 9 am. I even gave the representative the shopu2019s name and location before the representative gave me my reservation# of 13vbl2. I confirmed the request delivery by 9 am with the representative and she assured me someone would deliver the rental: on-time after I stressed my importance of having to leave from the audio shop towards my job. The representative agreed and assured me someone would be available to deliver the vehicle to me. You would figure this is all that a customer has to do with simply just arriving on-time to sign the rental agreement in acceptance of the rental vehicle. Well, it was a disaster. Anyway, I physically arrived at 8:50 am at the at place of rental: Enterprise Rent-A-Car 5818 COUNTY LINE PL HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO 80126-3913 to confirm delivery of the rental to the audio shop in which its location was less than 5 minutes (one half a mile) from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The representative, including the manager had no idea of who I was and that someone was supposed to deliver the rental to me at the audio repair shop. Instead, I was told they had all of their drivers out and about and they were the only ones in the office. Unsurprisingly, after speaking manager, I find out she was as incompetent as her employee. Instead of trying to make things right, it was all about her and how I should wait as she quoted, u201cbecause we all have things to dou201d [shielding herself with laugher and sarcasm]. I mentioned my loyalty to Enterprise-renting international but my loyalty had no merit at this location. Instead, they promised to have someone over at the audio shop in 15 minutes after I told them I had to leave for work if they failed to show. I waited until 9:35 am calling once at 15 minutes past 9 am reaching the representative who told me someone was in route with the car. Again, I called once more at 30 minutes past 9 am to see if they had someone in route to deliver the rental. Instead, the representative lied and told me they were short staffed and did not have anyone to make the delivery. As a result, I had to cancel my audio installation appointment and set it at a later time of the day. Therefore, I have no plans nor will allow my company, family, friends, and liaisons to rent from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. My word of advice is to either borrow a friendsu2019 car on a promissory note, rent from Uxxxx, or better yet: Bxxxxx/Axxx. These companies have always treated myself and associates with the utmost respect unlike Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Later, around 12 pm, I was in route to pick up my Bxxxxx Rental, in which took less than 5 minutes to reserve online and 3 minutes upon arrival to pick up the rental. Simply, the representative greeted me while handing me my contract and took me to my car along with offering promotional upgrades on my next rental. In addition, the audio sales manager was kind enough to ride with me over to Bxxxxxx Rental to drive the Budget Rental back to the audio shop while I drove my vehicle: to be serviced – as a courtesy and to show good faith after being deceived by Enterprise. I would STRONGLY SUGGEST Bxxxxx RENTAL ANY DAY OVER ENTERPRISE RENT-A-CAR. Good customer service within the Enterprise Rent-A-Car business is non-existent. It seems as if Enterprise employees are all out to make an easy paycheck instead of customer retention.

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