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Published: 09 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: EZ Payday Loan Paul Smith and Francisco Melendez : Emailed me a bogus loan agreement that had the same account number as another rip off reporter Internet!!

I received an email from a Paul Smith saying that I owed for a payday loan that was never paid with EZ Cash Loans. I asked for proof of the loan and they emailed me a contract agreement that did not have my proper name and it had an account number that was also the same number on another person who has made a complaint against the same company. They want me to Western Union person-to-person $900.00 to a Fransisco Melendez (Whoever that is). I told him if I owed I would pay but I would contact EZ Loan and if I did indeed owe them, I would pay them directly. He said oh no they will not accept a payment. OK then I guess they will never get paid because I will not send someone in NY a payment through western union for a company that they are not associated with. He then asked for a telephone number to call me. I told him I could be reached only via email, then my phone rings and it is Paul Smith. I asked him not to call me at work. He asked for my cell. I said no and then he said I must pay it today to avoid arrest. I told him that the NC Attorney where I work was checking it out for me and I have not heard back from Paul Smith again (internet or telephone)

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